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Supports for DNS names for VMs in EGI Federated cloud are recently required by many VOs. The aim of this task is to provide Dynamic DNS support for VMs in EGI Federated Clouds. Users can register their chosen meaningful and memorable DNS host names in given domains (e.g. my-server.vo-name.egi.eu) and assign to public IPs of their servers hosted in EGI Federated Cloud. By using Dynamic DNS, users can host services in EGI Federated Cloud with their meaningful server names, can freely move VMs from sites to sites without modifying server/client configurations (federated approach), can request valid server certificates in advance (critical for security)and many other advantages.


Viet Tran (IISAS) viet.tran _at_ savba.sk


  • Basic functionalities
    • Web-based GUI interfaces for registering DNS hostnames for EGI users
    • DNS server with Dynamic DNS support for forward DNS resolution
    • Command-line clients for assigning registered hostnames to IPs
  • Advanced functionalities
    • Using EGI Checkin services
    • Command-line client for registering DNS names
  • Not compulsory but desired functionalities
    • Support for reverse DNS

Used technologies

BIND9 server with configuration for updating DNS names via RFC 2136
nsupdate.info software for registering and managing DNS names/domains

Current status

A testing domain fedcloud.eu has been registered for testing and development (without touching production domains like egi.eu)
DNS servers are installed and configured for fedcloud.eu domain
Portal is installed on configured
Users can register themselves and log in portal, can register DNS names within fedcloud.eu domain and assign to VMs
Integrate to EGI CheckIn service

Ongoing work

Clean up codes
Justify setting and user interface
Defining policies
Preparation for alpha/beta testing

Next steps

Support for command-line clients for registering domains

Long term work

Support for reverse DNS resolution