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Dteam vo

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General Information

The DTEAM VO is an infrastructure VO that MUST be enabled by all EGI Resource Centres that support the VO concept for user authentication, as stated in the Resource Centre Operational Level Agreement. It is meant for testing and troubleshooting of grid capabilities across EGI Resource Centres. Usage of the DTEAM VO is subject to the EGI Security Policies.

  • Get support: in order to get support about the DTEAM VO please open a ticket, select type Operations, and set concerned VO to dteam. If you have privileges, assign it to the Support Unit VOsupport unit.

Recipes for VO/ROC/NGI/Site managers

What users filling the dteam VO Registration form should do

Select the appropriate Representative and Group for themselves. The Representative corresponding to their region is offered in a drop-down menu.


dteam users from Greece should select Kostas Koumantaros or Ioannis Liabotis as their Representative and /dteam/NGI_GRNET as their Group.

Everybody is automatically registered under the root group /dteam in addition to any Group they might select. Nobody can de-assign them from this "root group" unless they get "Denied", in the first place or, later on, "Suspended", by the VO-Admin, in which case they can't run any Grid jobs and they get deleted from the VOMS database.

When users select additional Groups, the GroupOwners have nothing to do, if they have no objection. Users may select GroupRoles within a given Group as well.

What the VO-Admin can do

Everything including VO member suspension/removal that nobody else can do!

If you try to remove a member and the box-to-tick is grey, this means that the member has some authority (GroupOwner/Manager or Representative). You 'll have to remove that funtion first from him/her via "Manage VO Admin Roles".

To remove the GroupOwner/Manager autority, use control/click on the relevant Group/Role (it will be blue)!

What the Representative can do

Approve Candidates during the initial registration and handle Expired users.

To do this, the Representative should either click on the link (s)he got in the email notification or go to the web interface, open the "Members" sub-menu, click on "Set status", search for "New" candidates and approve those assigned to him/her.

The Representative selected by the user can assign another Representative before approving, as appropriate.


a DTEAM VO Candidate from a Russian LCG Site selected the SWE ROC manager as Representative. Gonzalo (SWE) can replace himself with Alexander (RDIG).

What the GroupOwners can do

Group Owners can create groups/group roles and assign new Group Owner/Manager roles to member within the subgroups. If they decided that the user doesn't belong to their group(s) they can de-assign him/her at any time.


If Sven from DECH selects additional group /dteam/see, Kostas can move him out.

What the GroupManagers can do

They can deassign users from their group at any time. contains EGEE era implementation details and plans on Groups/Roles. As VOMRS fuctionality will be implemented in VOMS this document is becoming obsolete.

Proposed distribution of responsibilities

Operations manager and deputy Operations centre staff Site staff
GroupOwner,GroupManager, VO Representative GroupManager Group Member

Mini How-To

  • To (De)Assign someone as Representative go to "Manage VO Admin Roles".
  • To (De)Assign someone as GroupOwner go to "Manage VO Admin Roles", search for the VO member and select the Group (s)he should own.
  • To Change Representative for all members go to "Change Representative", Select the right DN from the drop dowm menu, click on each member.
  • To receive email notification for actions you need to take go to "Subscription" and select what you wish to be notified about.
VO Admin Representative GroupOwner GroupManager
Candidate remove
Applicant Remove/approve/deny Assign/deassign to/from group and group role Remove/approve/suspend/expire Assign/deassign to/from group and group role
Member Remove/approve/suspend/expire Assign/deassign to/from group and group role expire from Institute but not from the VO assign/deassign to/from group and group role assign/deassign to/from group and group role
Member’s certificate Remove/approve/deny/suspend assign/deassign to/from group and group role assign/deassign to/from group and group role



Information provided in this page was collected from M. Dimou's VOMRS tips page, with material provided by Tanya Levshina (VOMRS Project Leader and developer).