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Welcome to the EGI Operational Documentation pages.


Manuals, Troubleshooting Guides, How-TOs The EGI Operations Manuals are technical prescriptive documents that provide guidelines on how to accomplish a given task. These documents are periodically reviewed, and need to be followed by all partners (as opposed to a best-practice documents that provide optional guidelines).
Procedures EGI Operations Procedures are prescriptive documents that describe a step-by-step process requiring action from two or more partners. The purpose of a procedure is to define the related workflow. Procedures are approved by the OMB and are periodically reviewed. The intructions providewd by a procedure are mandatory. Applicable areas:
  • Ticket management
  • Operations Center Management
  • Resource Centre Management
  • Availability and monitoring
  • Security Incident Handling
  • Vulnerability Issue Handling
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions are question/answer documents providing information on specific technical areas. The FAQ provides a high-level overview of the issue and collection of links for futher investigation.
Training Guides A collection of HowTos and Training Guides relevant to Operations.
OLAs Resource Centre (RC) Operational Level Agreement (release notes)

Resource infrastructure Provider (RP) Operational Level Agreement (release notes)

Other Information about DTEAM and OPS VOs, standards relevant to operations
Security Advisories



Contact information: operational-documentation (at)

Mailing lists

Name E-mail Purpose/members
Catch-all list operational-documentation[at] All people working in the documentation tasks.
Management operational-documentation-management[at] Lead of the Documentation task