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= Internal area =
= Internal area =
* '''Drafts''': [[Operations_Drafts|Operations documentation draft area]]
* [[Operations_Drafts|Operations documentation Current drafts]]
<!-- '''Notice Board''': [[Operations:Noticeboard|Mailing lists and other miscellaneous info.]] <br> -->
<!-- '''Notice Board''': [[Operations:Noticeboard|Mailing lists and other miscellaneous info.]] <br> -->
==Documentation Team==
==Documentation Team==
[[Documentation_Contacts/Team|Current members of the project, with tasks.]]  Includes observers.
[[Documentation_Contacts/Team|Current members of the project, with tasks.]]  Includes observers.

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Welcome to the EGI Operational Documentation pages, whose purpose is to guide EGI operations at different levels: site management, NGI operations management (regional Operator on Duty - ROD) and EGI operations (Central Opeartor on Duty - COD).


Manuals, Troubleshooting Guides, How-TOs The EGI Operations Manuals are technical prescriptive documents that provide guidelines on how to accomplish a given task. These documents are periodically reviewed, and need to be followed by all partners (as opposed to a best-practice documents that provide optional guidelines).
Best Practices The EGI Operations Best Practices are technical documents providing reference information on how technical operational tasks can be addressed. A best practice can be optionally adopted by a partner if deemed suitable, the guidelines provided are optional. Nevertheless a best practice is periodically reviewed, and if relevant to grid middleware deployment it is preliminary approved by the relevant Technology Provider.

A Best Practice is contributed on a voluntary basis by EGI partners to share knowledge and experience.

Procedures EGI Operations Procedures are prescriptive documents that describe a step-by-step process requiring action from two or more partners. The purpose of a procedure is to define the related workflow. Procedures are approved by the OMB and are periodically reviewed. The intructions providewd by a procedure are mandatory. Applicable areas:
  • Ticket management
  • Operations Center Management
  • Resource Centre Management
  • Availability and monitoring
  • Security Incident Handling
  • Vulnerability Issue Handling
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions are question/answer documents providing information on specific technical areas. The FAQ provides a high-level overview of the issue and collection of links for futher investigation.
Training Guides A collection of HowTos and Training Guides relevant to Operations.
Other Information about DTEAM and OPS VOs, standards relevant to operations
Security Advisories



Coordinator: Ulf Tigerstedt (CSC)
Contact information: operational-documentation (at) mailman.egi.eu

Mailing lists

Name E-mail Purpose/members
Catch-all list operational-documentation[at]mailman.egi.eu All people working in the documentation tasks, BP general communication list.
Management operational-documentation-management[at]mailman.egi.eu Lead of the Documentation task
Best practices operational-documentation-best-practices[at]mailman.egi.eu Contribution list for BP, also for BP internal communication if needed.

Internal area

Documentation Team

Current members of the project, with tasks. Includes observers.