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| [[Other Operations Documentation|'''Other''']]  
| [[Other Operations Documentation|'''Other''']]  
*Information about DTEAM and OPS VOs, standards relevant to operations  
* Information about DTEAM and OPS VOs, standards relevant to operations  
*[[EGI Operations Start Guide|EGI Operations Start Guide]]
* [https://docs.egi.eu/providers/getting-started/operations_start_guide/ EGI Operations Start Guide]
|- style="background-color: darkgray;"
|- style="background-color: darkgray;"
| '''Security Advisories'''  
| '''Security Advisories'''  

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Welcome to EGI Operational Documentation


Manuals The EGI Operations Manuals are technical prescriptive documents that provide guidelines on how to accomplish a given task. These documents are periodically reviewed, and need to be followed by all partners (as opposed to a best-practice documents that provide optional guidelines).
  • Manuals
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • How-TOs
  • FAQs
Procedures and Policies EGI Operations Procedures are prescriptive documents that describe a step-by-step process requiring action from two or more partners. The purpose of a procedure is to define the related workflow. Procedures are approved by the OMB and are periodically reviewed. The intructions providewd by a procedure are mandatory. Applicable areas:
  • Ticket management
  • Operations Center Management
  • Resource Centre Management
  • Availability and monitoring
  • Security Incident Handling
  • Vulnerability Issue Handling
Training Guides A collection of Training Guides relevant to Operations.
A collection of Operations Level Agreements and Service Level Agreements concerning Operations
Security Advisories