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EGI Distributed Competence Centre

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A Distributed Competence Centre (DCC) exists across the NGIs, projects, user communities and technology providers of the EGI Collaboration. The DCC includes user-support personnel and technical assets that can be accessed by research communities to support their research activities with distributed computing services from EGI.

The DCC works as a distributed team of experts run under the coordination of

DCC Members

Three types of experts are involved in the DCC:

  1. Scientific communities with expertise in models, algorithms from certain scientific domain (for example life sciences).
  2. National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) or specific institutes from certain NGIs with expertise in user support, application porting, analysis of data and compute model requirements, development and deployment of distributed application services.
  3. Technology providers who develop software technologies that can simplify the development, porting, integration and/or operation of scientific application services on EGI. Technology providers can help in the technical analysis of the requirements, can suggest technical solutions and participate in the implementation on EGI.

How do I become a partner of the DCC?

The implementation of the DCC concept is supported by the H2020 EGI-Engage project between March 2015 - August 2017. EGI-Engage WP6 Knowledge Commons includes 8 Competence Centers that together form the DCC:

These competence are open for any partner to join. Please read more about the scientific and technical objectives of the competence centres and contact the respective centre leader to request membership.

Archive: DCC between 2010-2014

A simplified version of the DCC contcept was implemented in EGI through the EGI-InSPIRE FP7 project between 2010-2014. Further information about this implementation can be found on this archive page: EGI-InSPIRE DCC