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Grid Operations Meeting 22 October 2012

problem in retrieving the job output after EMI2 update 4

see for details

it seems that if an user never used the myproxy and he isn't currently using it, she can retrieve the output without any problem. For the other kind of users, the problem occurrs (see the details in that ticket).

For the moment a simple workaround is to submit a new job, and before its ending, retrieve the output of any previous job.

the user proxy is usually stored in the Sandboxdir, but if the user is using the myproxy service, that file is a symlink to the real file stored in the proxy renewal directory (/var/glite/spool/glite-renewd). When the jobs ends, that proxy is purged so that the user hasn't any more the permissions to retrieve the output

Moreover it was noticed that if in the jdl there isn't the variable related to myproxy, in the jdl stored in the Sandboxdir it is wrongly contained that variable set to the myproxy hostname that is set by default on the UI. Instead if in the jdl it is present an empy variable like the following:

  MyProxyServer = "";

the jdl stored on the WMS will contain that line, the proxy is stored in the SandBoxDir (no symlink to proxy renewal dir) and the user is able to retrieve the output when the job ends.