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DCH-RP:Sprint Planning 20130909

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  • Michel Drescher (EGI)
  • Claudio Prandoni (Promoter)
  • Rosette Vandenbroucke (BELSPO)
  • Borje Justrell (RA)
  • Eva Toller (RA)
  • Giovanni Ciccaglioni (ICCU)
  • Patrizia Martini (ICCU)



  • Sprint 11 review
  • Sprint 11 retrospective
  • Next steps


  • Review planned tasks for sprint 11 in
  • Move un-finished tasks to sprint 12
  • Check priorities and effort estimation
  • Planning of Sprint 12 and D5.3

Main decisions

  • The result of the decisions on Sprint 11 review and Sprint 12 planning can be found in the backlog file:
  • e-CSG: some of the tests failed due to some issues reported on the use of the e-CSG in the PoCs, they will be reported in the evaluation document as feedback to WP3
  • SCRUM methodology: some concerns arose about the adoption of the SCRUM methodology in the PoC, Michel will take them into account
  • D5.3: it will be not a long document, referring to the report to WP3 and including as an Appendix Rosette's document on the technical interpretation of the scenarios; Michel will send a first draft structure ASAP, the first version for internal review will be ready by 15/9, the final version by 30/9
  • Michel will circulate the minutes of the Sprint meetings once they are available
  • Next appointments will be the EGI Technical Forum in Madrid and the DCH-RP plenary meeting in Malta
  • Next meeting will be called by Michel by email + Doodle as usual and will be held using Webex