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DCH-RP:PoC 2 Re-run Scenarios 1.1 & 1.4

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WP5: Proofs of Concept Scenarios PoC Phase 1 PoC Phase 2 DCH Glossary
Proofs of Concept 2 Experiment 1:
Evaluate SCAPE tools
Experiment 2:
Evaluate SCIDIP-ES services
Experiment 3:
Evaluate EUDAT services
Experiment 4:
Re-run Scenarios 1.1 & 1.4
Experiment 5:
(Long term) Data Preservation platform

This experiment is looking into resolving the issues that were detected in the experiment involving Grid storage in Catania, the e-CSG and data from italy and Belgium.

ICCU (Italy)

  • Redoing of the first PoC using data provided by Magazzini Digitali (Digital Stacks) and services provided by the e-CSG
    • People involved:
      • Magazzini Digitali, content provider: Raffaele Messuti,
      • e-CSG, service provider: Roberto Barbera,
      • ICCU, facilitator: Giovanni Ciccaglioni,

Skype meeting 2014-02-26

12.00 – 13.00


  • Roberto Barbera, Carla Carruba, Giusi Inserra (INFN)
  • Raffaele Messuti (Magazzini Digitali)
  • Giovanni Ciccaglioni, Elisa Sciotti (ICCU)
    • Introduction: Roberto Barbera and Giovanni Ciccaglioni;
    • Descriptions of digital assets that Magazzini Digitali can share with the project: Raffaele Messuti
    • Decisions and action items


  • A brief overview on the state of the art, each Institution’s role, the aims of the project, the first PoC

Digital assets:

  • open access journals: 2-3 GB already available in .warc format. Each .warc archive, 150-250 MB (approx.), can contain up to 15-20 file. The connection and browsing inside a single .warc archive is made possible by an open source software easy to install on the e-CSG, in order to facilitate the search and browsing of the collections
  • Italian web sites (.it), provided by a total harvesting in 2006: 7 TB (approx), not immediately available, in .arc format, without metadata

Decisions and actions items:

  • We agree to start the redoing of the PoC by using the open access journals.

Raffaele will send (Friday afternoon) to Roberto the metadata schema and some examples of digital assets (data plus metadata) and a brief description of the materials that will be utilized Roberto will study the documentation and will use it to build (in a few days) a customized interface for a massive uploading of data and metadata. Note that this a new feature

A new meeting will be organized after the realization of the interface.