DCH-RP:PoC 2 Evaluate EUDAT services

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WP5: Proofs of Concept Scenarios PoC Phase 1 PoC Phase 2 DCH Glossary
Proofs of Concept 2 Experiment 1:
Evaluate SCAPE tools
Experiment 2:
Evaluate SCIDIP-ES services
Experiment 3:
Evaluate EUDAT services
Experiment 4:
Re-run Scenarios 1.1 & 1.4
Experiment 5:
(Long term) Data Preservation platform

This experiment will look at the suitability of the EUDAT services for DCH. The EUDAT project provides two services that may be of interest to the DCH community:

  • B2SAFE - offers functionality to replicate datasets across different data centres in a safe and efficient way while maintaining all information required to easily find and query information about the replica locations. The information about the replica locations and other important information is stored in PID records, each managed in separate administrative domains.The B2SAFE Service is implemented as an iRODS module providing a set of iRODS rules or policies to interface with the EPIC handle API and uses the iRODS middleware to replicate datasets from a source data (or community) centre to a destination data centre. See B2SAFE webpage for details.
  • B2SHARE - (previously SimpleStore) is a customised version of Invenio (invenio-software.org) designed to offer a simple mechanism for uploading and sharing scientific data with associated metadata. It is intended for a large number of small files, like spread-sheet files with research data or analysis results, which may contain important data but do not easily fit in with regular data management. See B2SHARE webpage and B2SHARE User Documentation for details.
    B2SHARE and B2SAFE scenario
NDS2 GUI client and B2SAFE scenario
Community client and B2SAFE scenario