Core Activities and Services PHASE III

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This page will list the core activities provided by partners for the period: January 2018 - December 2020

Proposals have been evaluated and the results have been used as inputs for the EOSC-hub project (funded).

Bidding phase III is now closed

List of the bidding activities

Please, find the information about the biddings in the Bidding page


  • Confirmation letters ...
  • Operation Level Agreements

Each activity is obligated to deliver every 6 months report.


  • internal communication across activity leaders: core-egi-activities [at]
  • to contact activity separately please use GGUS Support Unit
  • in case of any general questions: operations [at]


Accounting repositories and portal

Overview: The Accounting repositories store computing (serial and parallel jobs), storage, and cloud resources accounting data collected from Resource Centres of the EGI Federation. Accounting information is gathered from distributed sensors into a central accounting repository where it is processed to generate summaries that are available through the EGI Accounting Portal. The Accounting Repository, based on the APEL software, has a MySQL database backend and needs to ensure the exchange of accounting information with peer e-Infrastructures.

The Accounting Portal receives and stores the site, user, and VO level summaries generated by the Accounting Repository and provides views via a web portal, for example, by aggregating sites in a country on custom time intervals. The databases are organized into a CPU record database, a User record database, and a topology database.

Consortium: CESGA, STFC

Contacts: Adrian Coveney - adrian.coveney<AT>

Application DB (virtual appliances and applications library)


The EGI Applications Database (AppDB) is a central service that provides:

  • Information about software solutions in the form of native software products and virtual appliances, linking the programmers and the scientists who are involved, and the publications derived from the registered solutions
  • The tools for the distribution of the virtual machine images in the cloud sites part of the the federated cloud

Consortium: GRNET

Contacts: Kostas Koumantaros (kkoum<AT>, Marios Chatziangelou (mhaggel<AT>

Collaboration tools


Helpdesk (GGUS)

Helpdesk human support

Marketplace and resource allocation

Message brokers


Online CA

Operations Portal

Security coordination and security tools

Service registry (GOCDB)

Services for AAI (CheckIn)

UMD and CMD quality assurance

UMD and CMD software provisioning infrastructure