Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) in the EGI Federated Cloud

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This application is no longer supported, information in this page is out of date

Computer-Aided Engineering in the EGI FedCloud

This wiki aims to showcase how OpenFOAM, the leading open source software for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), can be easily ported to and used on a public e-Infrastructure such as EGI.


The NACA airfoils are airfoil shapes for aircraft wings developed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). In this wiki we will show the wind effect (pressure, velocity) simulated using the CFD software, OpenFOAM supported by CFD Support.

Access the UberCloud HPC Container

The Docker based HPC container has been successfully installed at CESNET-MetaCloud, one of the cloud provider of the EGI Federation.

If you are interested to access and use the UberCloud HPC container on the EGI infrastructure, please send an e-mail to to get your individual credentials.

The credential will be valid for up to 24 hours within a specifically scheduled time (first come first served). Once you have your credential, please connect to this link.

After a successfully authentication this is how the HPC container looks like:

UberCloud Docker3.png

Launch the HPC Container

 ]$ cd /home/hpcuser/Tests/NEW_SAMPLE/NACA/NACA4412
 ]$ /bin/sh &
 RUNNING TEST CASE  NACA4412, kOmegaSST, U = 30 [m/s]
 turbulence=RANS, mode=incompressible, wall=wallFunction
 mesh=3.5k, NProc=6, deltaT=1, endTime=5000

 Cleaning tutorial ...
 Removing backup files
 Renumbering mesh ...
 Running solver potentialFoam ...
 Decomposing computational mesh ...
 Running solver simpleFoam ...
 Sampling data ...
 Plotting results ...
 [..]    DONE!!!!!

The wind effect (pressure) simulated using the CFD software in 2D is shown in the following figure:


Plotting results with ParaView

Starting ParaView to visualize 3D results of the OpenFoam simulation.

 ]$ paraFoam &

Additional info

For further information, please check the info available in the following indico page.