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CC Coordinator: Petr Holub

CC members' list: cc-bbmri AT

Thousands of biobanks in Europe have been collecting data, samples and images of millions of individuals in different stages of their lives, during disease and after recovery. Biobanking is currently evolving from local repositories to a pan-European RI the BBMRI-ERIC (Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure – European Research Infrastructure Consortium). The BBMRI CC facilitates the implementation of big data storage in combination with data analysis and data federation by integrating technologies from community projects, EGI and other e-Infrastructures. The CC will capture requirements and provide technology demonstrators to:

  • Increase biobank interoperability and data discovery in BBMRI community by providing a secure and standard way to share biobank high-throughput data.
  • Provide biobanking community with a federated infrastructure for big data storage and intensive data analysis.
  • Facilitate the efficient use of bio-resources by supporting visibility and sharing, while also respecting the protection level required by owners of the data and samples.
  • Facilitate the efficient use of economic resources in BBMRI by providing a common infrastructure for storage and processing of big data.

OSG, as an associated partner will provide interoperability mechanisms for the virtual organisations of the BBMRI competence centre to use OSG resources, and will organise a joint information sharing workshop to discuss interoperability and new technologies that may affect international resource sharing.