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This wikipage is a working repository of information about the EGI Champions programme.

This information that is primarily intended for use by EGI Champions (including prospective Champions) to help them in their quest to encourage scientific researchers to use the computing resources of the European Grid Infrastructure.

EGI Champions - Aims

The EGI Champions scheme aims to create a group of knowledgeable and highly-motivated grid users with a mission to actively encourage and enthuse their peers into using the European Grid Infrastructure for their research.

The scheme was launched on 17 September 2012 during the EGI Technical Forum in Prague. The Champion role offers a flexible and practical mechanism that can be used by EGI to create and support enthusiastic individuals who will act as ambassadors for the European Grid Infrastructure. Through their own technical knowledge and awareness of EGI's resources and services, these ambassadors will help, assist, encourage and nurture both current and potential new users to employ the resources of the grid.

What will Champions do?

The European Grid Infrastructure is an academic computing grid that enables access to state-of-the-art computing facilities for cutting edge research across an international scientific community. To fully exploit this valuable infrastructure we need to promote its capabilities and engage with as wide a field of researchers as possible.

The EGI Champions are knowledgeable users of the infrastructure with an aptitude for conveying the potential and value of the EGI to fellow scientists and researchers. Champions may work in any discipline from astrophysics to ancient history, but it's their communication skills that are of greatest importance to a role that involves providing hands-on support to small numbers of other researchers and talking to small or large groups of people, be they academics, the general public or even school children.

What will Champions get in return?

In return for promoting the benefits and value of the EGI as grid ambassador, Champions will be eligible for funding to attend additional meetings and conferences where they are relevant. EGI Champions will thus form a network of effective communicators and supporters who simultaneously raise the profile of EGI and also their own academic careers.

How do I become a Champion?

Prospective candidates should forward a completed application form with their CV to for consideration. Endorsement from the NIL of the candidate’s own country will be sought by the oversight committee as part of the selection process.

Applications will normally be circulated to the OC within one week of being received. Candidate applications will be considered during the monthly OC meetings. Applicants will be informed of their selection or otherwise not later than one week after the OC meeting. The applicant's endorsing NIL will be kept informed at all stages of the process.

How do claim my funding?

Champions are eligible for funding to support their attendance at events where they can both promote the EGI and gather information that will be valuable to in the quest to gain more users and 'customers'. To gain funding, Champions must firstly submit a request for funding that includes a sound justification. Funding will be approved in the form of a lump sum payment which will be issued after the event. Completed claim forms must be submitted with supporting evidence, including a completed EGI Champions Feedback Report form. All required Form templates are available via these wiki pages. Further details can be found under the 'Scheme oversight' tab.

Additional details

Which meetings & events should Champions attend?

Champions will use their own judgement in identifying where they are most needed in the user community and where they can have the greatest benefit for EGI. There will be opportunities to champion the EGI cause while attending conferences and other events related to their own research or professional interests. Additionally, many events will arise which can be attended specifically in the role as EGI Champions and in these cases it will be appropriate to seek EGI funding support.

The following events are of relevance to the EGI Champions network scheme:

  • Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) including Grid, Cloud and HPC.
  • Domain-specific with a specific focus on the use of distributed computing by researchers.
  • Domain-specific with inclusion of applications, services and resources to support the science and/or innovation of these areas
  • EGI Forums: at the NILs meeting the network coordinator will report back (6 monthly)
  • EGI Training events and workshops, technical briefings and webinars: these will be of interest to Champions and will keep their skill levels up to date
  • NGI and other national events – EGI Champions should attend these to learn about national initiatives as well as report back on EGI from their perspective.
  • Events recommended by the OC or other members of EGI.

What back-up and support will EGI provide?

The following mechanisms will be established by as on going processes to maintain a prominent profile for the EGI Champions network:

  • Produce web pages to be kept up to date in terms of: people profiles, success stories, benefits, contact points.
  • Produce a brochure/postcard to distribute at Forums and other events including those organised by the NGIs.
  • Produce video interviews featuring EGI Champions reporting from events and/or from their own labs.
  • Produce further articles in the EGI newsletter and encourage other community and NGI newsletters to promote the successes of the scheme.

Funding and reimbursement decisions

Champions may seek funds to cover their travel, subsistence, conference fees and other costs associated with attending meetings and events relevant to their role. Requests for such funding should use the Travel Request Form and need to be submitted at least three weeks before the deadline for the event (earlybird if this is available). A request will be reviewed by the EGI Director. Decisions will be made on the basis of:

  • The proposed justification;
  • The spectrum of other requests;
  • The funding remaining for the year;
  • The EGI Champion’s track record and results from previous events.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Tasks & responsibilities of EGI Champions include the following:

  • Promoting EGI and the value of within the context of the normal working environment and institution.
  • Participating in at least one EGI Forum per year. This would typically be the Community Forum.
  • Submitting feedback reports on conferences and other events that have been attended, focusing on opportunities and issues for EGI to take forwards (including new leads that can be followed up by NGIs or EGI.)
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of EGI’s role and the benefits it provides from the perspective of researchers and research teams.
  • Providing local help and advice when and where appropriate even if it is to escalate enquires to relevant EGI individuals or services.
  • Providing specialist help through the EGI help desk when applicable to their locale or specialist skills.
  • Notifying NGI/EGI/their own institution about opportunities and issues that concern user communities in terms of their use of the European Grid Infrastructure.