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Introduction to the EGI Champions Wiki

This EGI Wiki constitutes a working repository of information that is primarily intended for use by EGI Champions to help them in their quest to encourage scientific researchers to use the considerable resources of the European Grid Infrastructure. This page is administered on a day to day basis by EGI (poc is Richard McLennan) but all EGI Champions are encouraged to contribute to the information recorded in these pages so as to help compile as useful and complete repository as possible.

Aims of the Champions Role

The European Grid Infrastructure is an immensely capable academic computing grid that enables access to state-of-the-art computing facilities for cutting edge research across an international scientific community. To fully exploit this valuable infrastructure we need to promote its capabilities and engage with as wide a field of researchers as possible. The EGI Champions are knowledgeable users of the infrastructure who will have gained their experience in any of a varied range of ways - more importantly, they will have an aptitude for enthusiastically conveying the potential and value of the EGI to other scientists and researchers. Champions may work in any discipline from astro-physics to ancient history and their communication skills may relate to providing hands-on support to small numbers of other researchers or to delivering compelling talks to large numbers of people be they academics, the general public or perhaps even school children.