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The Core Software Services are those required by a VO in order to operate, i.e., where there is a single instance in the infrastructure or in a region.

Catch-all instances are provided by to support small user communities.

Contact: EGI Catch-all services in GGUS

CA Services

A Catch All CA needs to be available to any user community within the EGI. Right now most of the countries participating in the EGI have or are in the process of creating their own Certification Authorities. Yet, there are still a number of countries that are late to this process and their user communities depend on the existence of a catch all CA to issue them certificates.

SEE-GRID CA provides CA services for EGI and collaborating countries that have not established their own PKI.

SEE-GRID CA is a member of the International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF) and it is accredited by the European Grid Policy Management Authority (EUGridPMA).

More information about SEE-GRID CA along with the current list of SEE-GRID CA Registration Authorities.

DTEAM VO for Site Administrators

The DTEAM VO is an infrastructure VO that MUST be enabled by all EGI Resource Centers that support the VO concept for user authentication, as stated in the Resource Centre Operational Level Agreement. It is meant for testing and troubleshooting of grid capabilities across EGI Resource Centers. Usage of the DTEAM VO is subject to the EGI Security Policies.

More information about the DTEAM VO and how site administrators can join the VO.

Services for small user communities

As part of the EGI-InSPIRE SA1.8 Activity AUTH/GRNET operates Grid Core Service for small user communities that can not operate their own Grid Core Infrastructures.

Service Description

EGI Catch All VOMS servers:


Small user communities that can not operate their own VOMS infrastructure, can use the EGI Catch All VOMS servers.

Interested VOs can open a ticket to the '"EGI Catch-all services" Unit through GGUS .'


EGI Catch All MyProxy server:


Can be used by any small user community that does not operate its own MyProxy Service.


EGI Catch All TOP-BDII server:


Can be used by any small user community that does not operate its own TOP-BDII Service.