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{{Fedcloud_Menu}} {{TOC_right}}  
= Beaker Notebook in the EGI FedCloud =
[http://beakernotebook.com/ Beaker] is supported in [https://notebooks.egi.eu EGI Notebooks]. Please contact us if you want to use it.
== Introduction ==
This guide is intended for researchers who want to use [http://beakernotebook.com/ Beaker] an open source tool for data analysis and visualization.
Beaker is a notebook-style development environment for working interactively with large and complex datasets. Its plugin-based architecture allows you to switch between languages or add new ones with ease, ensuring that you always have the right tool for any of your analysis and visualization needs.
== Pre-requisites ==
The recommendation is to use a pre-configured image with Docker as the ones available in the EGI AppDB:
[https://appdb.egi.eu/store/vappliance/docker.ubuntu.14.04 EGI Docker Ubuntu 14.04 image],
*  [https://appdb.egi.eu/store/vappliance/docker.ubuntu.16.04 EGI Docker Ubuntu 16.04 image],
You can start that image as any other image available from AppDB:
# Go to the [https://appdb.egi.eu/store/vappliance/docker.ubuntu.14.04 EGI Docker image entry in AppDB]
# Check the IDs of the OCCI templates and endpoints to run the image for your VO at the selected site
# Use a ssh-key when creating the VM ([[HOWTO11_How_to_use_the_rOCCI_Client#How_to_create_a_key_pair_to_access_the_VMs_via_SSH|check FAQ for more info]])
# ''(Optional)'' Some sites may require the [[HOWTO11_How_to_use_the_rOCCI_Client#How_to_attach_a_public_ip_address_to_a_compute_resource|allocation of a public IP]] before you can log in
# Then you can either log in into the VM and use docker from there, or configure your docker client to connect to the remote VM.
== Configure the Beaker Notebook ==
As soon as the VM is booting, to configure the Beaker Notebook via container run these commands:
]$ sudo apt-get -y update
]$ sudo apt-get install -y vim
]$ sudo docker run -v $HOME:/home/ubuntu/host -p 8800:8800 \
  -t beakernotebook/beaker su -m beaker \
  -c 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin && /home/beaker/src/core/beaker.command --public-server --connect-host <NOTEBOOK_IP>
Unable to find image 'beakernotebook/beaker:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from beakernotebook/beaker
bf5d46315322: Pull complete
9f13e0ac480c: Pull complete
e8988b5b3097: Pull complete
40af181810e7: Pull complete
e6f7c7e5c03e: Pull complete
Connecting to https://<NOTEBOOK_IP>:8800/
Submit this password: 737c75n75kb0um1ttac

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