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Detailed Agenda

1 - Information (Mario)

2 - Staged Rollout (Mario)

2.1 - gLite 3.1

  • LFC and DPM 1.8.0-1 : all patches will be rejected since they have voms-api-c(pp) with mem leak, and new ones will be produced
  • FTS/FTM/FTA: are in certification.

2.2 - gLite 3.2

  • Ready for Certification, in Certification - Upcoming in the next few days to staged rollout:
    • L&B 2.1.10
    • Torque (utils, server, client)
    • UI 3.2.9
    • VOBOX 3.2.11
    • FTA/FTM/FTS 2.2.5
  • In staged rollout
    • WN 3.2.10 : No major problems found in staged rollout
    • glite-CLUSTER 3.2.2 : No major problems found in staged rollout
  • Urgent fix in CREAM
    • Problem reported by LHCb with CREAM 1.6.4 - there was an urgent fix that went through staged rollout in a very short time (less then 1 day). New version CREAM 1.6.5

2.3 - Operational Tools

3 - Operational Issues (all)

3.1 - IGTF CA 1.38 and VOMS-ADMIN (Mario)

Problem found in production VOMS-ADMIN server after update to the latest IGTF-CA 1.38 with the new egi policy format. A Post-Mortem analysis is in progress and will be documented soon.

3.2 - Where to report problems/issues for SW in staged rollout (Mario)

3.3 - TopBDII has hardwired, but this will be decommissioned (Mario)

3.4 - EGI BROADCAST spam must be culled (Ulf Tigerstedt, NGI_NDGF and NGI_FI)

As everything gets spammed with EGI BROADCASTs nowadays, the people getting them in 10-folds are beginning to treat them as spam. Could the system be improved to not spam every mailing list available for every single thing? As a ROD I'm currently getting 4 copies, some others are getting 14...

From Cyril Lorphelin

Hi Mario , Ulf

This problem is quite difficult to solve. We propose a tool which permits to send emails widely. If people don't choose properly the target everybody will be informed .

We have added the option to create models // templates with specific subjects and specific targets , this is probably a solution to reduce spams . It means that people should properly select the right targets when they are creating a model .

I have no obvious solution .

4 - AOB

Next Grid Operations Meeting:

14 March 2011, 14h00 Amsterdam time

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