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General information


UMD 4.8.5

  • "DPM-dedicated" release to support migration to 1.13.0 (see dedicated section)
  • release candidate ready, integration tests in progress, TBR very soon

Preview repository

  • released on 2019-08-16
    • Preview 1.24.0 AppDB info (sl6): APEL Client/Server 1.8.1, APEL-SSM 2.4.0, ARC 6.1.0, davix 0.7.4, dCache 4.2.40, DMLite/DPM 1.13.1, Dynafed 1.5.0, frontier-squid 4.8.1, gfal2 2.16.3
    • Preview 2.24.0 AppDB info (CentOS 7): APEL Client/Server 1.8.1, APEL-SSM 2.4.0, ARC 6.1.0, davix 0.7.4, dCache 4.2.40, DMLite/DPM 1.13.1, Dynafed 1.5.0, frontier-squid 4.8.1, gfal2 2.16.3




Feedback from DMSU

Known Error Database:

Tickets handled by DMSU:

  • SRM argo/nagios probes GGUS 142022: Decision on preferred storage access protocols, required monitoring probes (assigned to Operations, on hold)
    • SRM probes need to be updated since they are still using the old lcg-utils which have been replaced by GFAL2
    • considering the SRM end of support for DPM, the reference protocol will be HTTP/webdav
  • CREAM cannot initialize connection to BLAH BLParserClient GGUS #142621:
    • CREAM/BLAH supports only single version of HTCondor (8.6.3) currently, does not work with 8.8.4. No fixes for HTCondor 8.6 line are expected anymore since 8.8 is more than six months old already. CREAM team may be able to respond in case of actual emergency (required changes could be very small) but has not commented yet.
  • BDII udpate & base64 encoded ldif entries GGUS #142928:
    • bdii-update does not handle base64-encoded values in LDIF correctly, non-ASCCII characters or passwords invoking mandatory base64 use are not present in BDII information normally, but bdii-update should handle it anyway (developers have not commented yet).
  • CREAM-CE at CentOS 7: could not create connection to database server GGUS #142425 (SOLVED):
    • Puppet recipe for CREAM-CE requests presence of DB server, but does not handle its configuration fully (even the parameters set by Puppet on the CREAM side), manual checking and adjustment may be necessary
ERROR org.glite.ce.commonj.db.DatasourceManager
- Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory
Could not create connection to database server.
Attempted reconnect 3 times. Giving up.
    • solved by setting in /etc/glite-ce-cream/cream-config.xml:
(instead of url="jdbc:mysql://")
  • changes in VOMS server certificate GGUS #142627, GGUS #142820:
    • whene there is a change of DN of VOMS server's certificate, all the clients need to update their configuration
  • OpenStack-VM-ops probe failed since automatic image deletion GGUS #142905:
    • AppDB entry of VM image used by monitoring probe has expired and manual refresh was necessary, the probe does not check (and issue warning in advance) for this itself (regular maintaineer of the image was on vacation), likely repeat yearly

Notifications from ARGO about the nagios probes failures

In the process of implementing the notification system in ARGO, it was introduced the following changes in GOC-DB:

  • Notifications flag at the site level
  • Notifications flag at the service endpoint level

In this way ARGO will retrieve from GOC-DB the information about the sites and services whom sending the email notification and the related recipients.

The logic of the notifications is the following:

Site Service Notify?

If there isn't any email contact defined at the service endpoint level, it will be used the site contact. Please review your contacts.

You can enable the notifications.

NOTE: It is not mandatory for the sites

Monthly Availability/Reliability

suspended sites: AEGIS11-MISANU (NGI_AEGIS), IMBG (NGI_UA),

IPv6 readiness plans

LCGDM end of support and migration to / enabling of DOME

  • Deployment statistics: 85 sites (100 servers)
$ ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap:// -b "Mds-Vo-Name=local,o=grid" '(&(objectClass=GlueSE)(GlueSEImplementationName=DPM))' GlueSEImplementationVersion | grep -i ^glue | sort | uniq -c
    14 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.10.0
    21 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.12.0
     2 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.12.1
    22 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.13.0
    17 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.8.10
     2 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.8.11
     2 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.8.7
     4 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.8.8
     3 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.8.9
    14 GlueSEImplementationVersion: 1.9.0
  • all the sites with older DPM versions than 1.12 are suggested to upgrade to the latest DPM version , following the guide DPM upgrade (chapter 1 Upgrade to DPM 1.10.0 "Legacy Flavour" and chapter 2 Upgrade to DPM 1.10.0 "Dome Flavour")
    • DOME and the old LCGDM (srm protocol) will coexist
  • the upgrade will be followed-up mainly by WLCG
  • EGI Operations will liaise with the non-WLCG sites by opening GGUS tickets after DPM 1.13 is reeleased into UMD
  • Monitoring: sites should enable the monitoring of the HTTP/WebDav endpoint
    • register the storage service endpoint as WebDav service type, with production flag disabled, providing the URL field (see the HOWTO21
    • check if the tests are ok
    • switch the production flag to "yes"

HTCondorCE integration

Link to procedure:

GGUS ticket:

Steps status:


Next meeting