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General information


  • UMD 4.1.1 released on 27-06-2016
    • edg-mkgrid 4.0.3 (missing), Globus Network Manager on SL6
  • UMD 4.2.0 to be released by July
    • including on CentOS7: FTS3, QCG, dCache, ARGUS
    • include on CentOS7 if possible: DPM, Globus/GFAL (fix issue with udt driver)
    • add regular updates on SL6

Preview repository

Generic information about Preview repository:

Note: EGI provides the preview repository without any additional quality assurance process, but the products are released as they are provided by the product team. EGI recommends the use of the UMD repositories, which contain software verified through the quality assurance process of UMD.


EGI central monitoring instance (ARGO)

Since July 1st, the EGI infrastructure is being monitored by two monitoring instances that can be found on these addresses:

Both instances are running the same set of tests and results provided are equivalent.

Starting from the same date, the central ARGO Web UI ( ) provides information from these two instances and the Operations Portal was reconfigured to raise alarms based on information from ARGO central instances.

Results coming from NGI SAM instances are no longer consumed by the central ARGO or Operations Portal so NGIs can eventually decommission them following the standard decommissioning procedures ( ).

The FedCloud sites will be monitored by the new system starting from Aug 1st.

New set of CREAM probes

A new set of probes is being used for monitoring the CREAM CEs and the A/R computation: This set of probe doesn't make use of the BDII, WMS and the messaging infrastructure like instead did the old WN monitoring framework.

RFC proxy will be default

  • moving to RFC proxy instead of legacy proxy
  • in production since a while, everybody is using RFC
  • we will ask VOMS TP to make a little modification on VOMS client, changing the default

New configuration for DTEAM VO

The HellasGrid Certification Authority changed its DN from "/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2006" to "/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2016"

Since it is also changed the certificate of the 2 voms servers hosting dteam VO, the settings of this VO need to be updated accordingly on *ALL THE (grid and cloud) SERVICES*

- New yaim settings (for the ../vo.d/dteam file):

VOMSES="'dteam 15004 /C=GR/O=HellasGrid/ dteam 24' 'dteam 15004 /C=GR/O=HellasGrid/ dteam 24'"
VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2016' '/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2016'"

- .lsc files:

# cat /etc/grid-security/vomsdir/dteam/
/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2016
# cat /etc/grid-security/vomsdir/dteam/
/C=GR/O=HellasGrid/OU=Certification Authorities/CN=HellasGrid CA 2016

- configuration information:

Monthly Availability/Reliability

A/R report on ARGO:

List of the underperforming RCs for (at least) 3 consecutive months:

'* NGI_MARGI no monitoring data since January

Decommissioning SL5

Status and actions (Jul 14th)

  • 1 Top-BDII
  • 11 Site-BDII
  • 4 MyProxy
  • 7 WMS and 6 LB (downtime)
  • 1 VOMS
  • 1 ARGUS
  • 7 CREAM-CE
  • 0 QCG Computing
  • 1 STORM (downtime)

RCs about to be suspended

Site Hostname Service Downtime Ticket Note
MK-03-FINKI,, Top-BDII, Site-BDII/CREAM-CE, MyProxy/SRM No upgrade by Jul 22nd. SOLVED
INDIACMS-TIFR, Site-BDII, ARGUS yes downtime for upgrade for these services for Saturday and Sunday ( 16th and 17th); UPGRADED
UA-MHI Site-BDII/ARC-CE yes upgrade in a couple of weeks. Jul 28th: UPGRADED
BMRZ-FRANKFURT, Site-BDII/CREAM-CE, WMS/LB No the site will be suspended and decommissioned. Jul 21st: SUSPENDED. SOLVED
RTUEF Site-BDII No Site suspended by NGI
SCAI,,, Site-BDII, VOMS, CREAM-CE, WMS/LB yes some services will be decommissioned, some service will be upgraded
MY-UPM-BIRUNI-01, and,, Site-BDII, CREAM-CE, MyProxy, LB No the upgrade will last a couple of weeks. Sep 22th: site suspended for running sl5 software.
BG05-SUGrid Site-BDII yes upgrade scheduled; UPGRADED
UA_ICYB_ARC Site-BDII/ARC-CE yes upgrade scheduled for next week. Jul 22nd: UPGRADED
KR-UOS-SSCC Site-BDII/CREAM No will update the machine
UA_ICMP_ARC Site-BDII/ARC-CE yes planning to start upgrade next week and the corresponding downtime is scheduled starting from Sundays evening (Jul 17th 20:00) for 2 weeks. Aug 8th: DONE
IR-IPM-HEP CREAM-CE yes upgrading... Jul 20th: DONE
JP-KEK-CRC-02,,, CREAM-CE, MyProxy, WMS, LB yes will be out of service on Friday 5th Augst 2016 at 4:00 UTC. SOLVED
CBPF MyProxy yes will be decommissioned together nagios, downtime created . SOLVED
WEIZMANN-LCG2 WMS/LB/MyProxy No site-admin on vacation; the WMS service is used only by their nagios server, they try to migrate to sl6 but found some issues in the interaction with ARGUS. SOLVED
NIKHEF-ELPROD, WMS, LB No they want to keep the services, ticket UNSOLVED

FedCloud status


Next meeting