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(Decommission of SL5)
(News from URT)
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== News from URT  ==
== News from URT  ==
Recent, or future planned, releases from the product teams:
* APEL 1.4.1
** [http://www.eu-emi.eu/releases/emi-3-monte-bianco/updates/-/asset_publisher/5Na8/content/update-24-16-02-2015-v-3-15-0-1#APEL_Parsers_v_2_5_0_APEL_Publis Release Notes]
* Argus PAP v. 1.6.2
** This release provides a fix for the following issue: https://github.com/argus-authz/argus-pap/issues/  that caused SSL authentication errors for the pap-admin client after the upgrade to the latest JRE.
* dCache server v. 2.6.42
** [https://appdb.egi.eu/store/software/dcache.server/releases/dcache/2.6.42/l details on AppDb]
** DPM-Xrootd 3.5.2 is in EPEL stable - this is the first version of the component compatible with xrootd4
* FrontierSquid
**Release version: 2.7STABLE9-24.1; Released: 2015-06-03 -
** Main changes: (details in http://frontier.cern.ch/dist/rpms/frontier-squidRELEASE_NOTES)
*** Fix support for multiple squids on a reverse proxy
*** Enable multiple squids to be independent (although still with same config)
*** Add support to run logging in a separate process
*** Lower i/o priority of log compression
*** Fix disabling of log compression
** Other information (repository): http://frontier.cern.ch/dist/rpms
* GFAL2/gfal2-utils
** https://dmc-docs.web.cern.ch/dmc-docs/
** gfal2 2.9.1
** gfal2-python 1.8.1
** gfal2-utils 1.2.1
** gfal2-plugin-xrootd 0.4.0
** srm-ifce 1.23.1
* gLExec-wn - v. 1.2.3
** [http://www.eu-emi.eu/releases/emi-3-monte-bianco/updates/-/asset_publisher/5Na8/content/update-25-09-03-2015-v-3-15-1-1#gLExec_wn_v_1_2_3 lcmaps-plugins-c-pep 1.3.0-1  & mkgltempdir 0.0.5-1]
* Globus
** many fixes  latest one contain fixes for GGUS [https://ggus.eu/index.php?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=105158 105158], [https://ggus.eu/index.php?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=109089 109089] and [https://ggus.eu/index.php?mode=ticket_info&ticket_id=109576 109576])
* STORM - 1.11.9
** Release notes can be found at: - http://italiangrid.github.io/storm/release-notes/StoRM-v1.11.9.html
* [https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Agenda-05-01-2015#UNICORE UNICORE v. 7.2.0]
== UMD release  ==
== UMD release  ==

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Audio conference link Conference system is Adobe Connect, no password required.
Audio conference details Indico page

Middleware releases and staged rollout

News from URT


UMD release

Staged rollout updates

  • srm-ifce 1.22.1
  • gfal2 2.8.4
  • gfal2-python 1.7.1

In Verification

  • dCache server v. 2.10.31
  • DPM-Xrootd 3.5.2 is in EPEL stable - this is the first version of the component compatible with xrootd4
  • Xroot 4.1
  • cvmfs 2.1.20

Ready to be released

  • APEL 1.4.1
  • Argus PAP v. 1.6.2
  • gLExec-wn - v. 1.2.3 (lcmaps and mkdir)
  • storm 1.11.8
  • fetch-crl 3.0.16
  • cream 1.16.5


  • argus-ees v. 0.2.1 we are looking for sites deploying it
  • Some sites have the contact points for the EA adopters outdated so please check in table if all contacts and products are still correct and send me email if you need to add / remove some contacts (SSO account mandatory): (full site list)
  • If anyone interested please contact me or cristina to be included in the early adopter list.

Next releases

  • Mid June 2015

Operational issues

Report from DMSU

  • FYI: Collocated CREAM and ARGUS authorization issues. There were two similar issues where CREAM's queries to ARGUS were being refused. Quoting from the solution: The issue was caused by configuration of CREAM and Argus nodes with different group sets on the same machine. This is not supported by YAIM, special care is necessary. Since this problem cropped up at least twice in very short succession, it may be worth mentioning. No special action is necessary, though.

Decommission of SL5

UMD is getting ready to support CentOS7.

Supporting a new platform will require to decommission a previously support O.S. to make available new resources. EGI Operations will like to decommission Scientific Linux 5. Timeline yet to be defined, likely by the end of 2015.

Old action: for the NGIs check with the sites the need for continuing the support on SL5 of the UMD products.

New Action: for the NGIs: please start tracking which sites are still using SL5 services: how many services, and for each service if still needed on SL5, if upgrades on SL5 services are expected). A wiki will be provided soon and sent to noc-managers list.

Publishing accounting data on number of cores used to APEL

At the request of WLCG, last week I raised tickets against most NGIs, alerting them that some of their sites running LHC work were not publishing the number of cores and cpus used in their accounting data. Some NGIs have responded well but there are still several who have not even acknowledged the ticket yet.

Action: NGIs to check that they have responded to their ticket and have alerted the relevant sites, and helped them if necessary.


Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • all Feb/Mar tickets closed
  • no tickets opened during May for April, we will open them in the next days for May

Next meetings

  • 13 July 2015