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* APEL 1.4.0
* APEL 1.4.0
** [ Release Notes]
What’s New
    Added ability to process files compressed with bzip2.
    Added multiplier retrieval to GridEngine parser for CPU and wall-clock time.
    Fixed integer overflow when loading normalised summaries into APEL servers.
    Corrected the way some logging calls were made and reduced the logging level when trying to purge a directory that isn't empty.
    Changed server authorization system to keep the list of DNs for a limited time if unable to update from GOCDB and updated GOCDB query URL.
    Added Month and Year columns to primary key of CloudSummaries table in cloud schema.

* Argus PAP v. 1.6.2:
* Argus PAP v. 1.6.2:

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Audio conference link Conference system is Adobe Connect, no password required.
Audio conference details Indico page

Middleware releases and staged rollout

News from URT

Recent, or future planned, releases from the product teams:

  • DPM
    • DPM-Xrootd 3.5.2 is in EPEL stable - this is the first version of the component compatible with xrootd4


UMD release

Staged rollout updates

  • argus-ees v. 0.2.1
  • UNICORE 7.2.0 components (tsi, registry, gateway, xuudb, unicore-x)

In Verification


New Products

  • squid v. 2.7.19
  • fts3 v. 3.2.30

Ready to be released:

  • apel v. 1.3.1
  • apel-ssm v. 2.1.5
  • Blah 1.20.7
  • CGSI-gSOAP v. 1.3.7
  • CREAM v. 1.16.4
  • cream-ge v. 2.3.0
  • cream-torque v. 2.1.4
  • Davix v. 0.4.0
  • DMlite 0.7.2
  • DPM 1.8.9
  • F.SQUID v. 2.7.19-21
  • FTS3 v. 3.2.30
  • gfal2 v. 2.7.8
  • gfal2-python 1.6.0.
  • Globus 6.0.0 products: Gridftp, Globus-Default-Security, Gram5, MyProxy;
  • px v. 1.3.36
  • qcg-computing-3.4.0 (only SL6)
  • qcg-notifications-3.4.0 (only SL6)
  • srm-ifce v. 1.21.4
  • squid v. 2.7.19
  • Voms Admin v. 2.0.12
  • VOMS clients v. 3.0.5/3.0.6
  • wms-ice v. 3.5.4


  • Some sites have the contact points for the EA adopters outdated so please check in table if all contacts and products are still correct and send me email if you need to add / remove some contacts (SSO account mandatory): (full site list)
  • If anyone interested please contact me or cristina to be included in the early adopter list.

Next releases

  • End of May 2015

Operational issues

Report from DMSU

  • FYI: Collocated CREAM and ARGUS authorization issues. There were two similar issues where CREAM's queries to ARGUS were being refused. Quoting from the solution: The issue was caused by configuration of CREAM and Argus nodes with different group sets on the same machine. This is not supported by YAIM, special care is necessary. Since this problem cropped up at least twice in very short succession, it may be worth mentioning. No special action is necessary, though.

APEL multicore accounting


Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • [1] - are followed up through Parent GGUS #111193 - still 10 tickets open:

Next meetings

  • March 23, 2015