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All computing services in EGI and related Grids send their CPU accounting data to the APEL repository; either directly or through some intermediate accounting service. In APEL the data is processed, summarised and sent to the Accounting Portal, where it can be visualised and explored in a variety of views and reports.

It is part of the EGI Core Infrastructure Platform, which supports the daily operations of EGI. The central databases are populated through individual usage records published by the Resource Centres, or through the publication of summarised usage records.

The Accounting Repository is one of EGI core services and part of EGI Federated Operations service.

Tool name Accounting Repository
Tool Category and description EGI Core service

The Accounting Repository stores user accounting records from various services offered by EGI.

Tool URL GitHub page
GGUS Support Unit APEL
Requirements tracking - EGI tracker AccRepository-Requirements Dashboard
Issue tracking - Developers tracker APEL Issues and SSM Issues
Release schedule As required
Release notes APEL Releases and SSM Releases
Roadmap EGI-Engage:TASK JRA1.3 Accounting
Related OLA Operational-Level Agreements
Test instance URL N/A
Licence Apache License, Version 2.0
Provider STFC
Source code GitHub

Change, Release and Deployment

This sections are providing detailed agreement in terms of requirements gathering, release and deployment of Accounting Repository which extend Instructions for Operations Tools teams


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Information about the Federated Task Force Cloud Accounting

Application Accounting

Information about Application Accounting


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