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User mailing list:
User mailing list:
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Accelerated computing VO

This VO is dedicated for users to develop and test applications/VMs that use GPGPU or other types of accelerated computing. These applications require special VM images with pre-installed drivers and libraries (e.g CUDA, OpenCL) and only supported on certain sites with relevant hardware. With a dedicated VO, users of accelerated computing can have separated image list in AppDB, separated list of sites supporting the VO, separated support unit in GGUS what can improve user experiences. Furthermore, a separated VO allows users to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences related to Accelerated computing easier than general-purpose VO like

This VO should not be used for running large GPGPU applications in production. After successful development and testing, users should move their apps to application-specific VO for running in production.


Viet Tran/IISAS, VO manager Marco Verlato/INFN, VO manager

Jan Astalos/IISAS, site admin Miroslav Dobrucky/IISAS, site admin


Users can register to VO at A valid certificate is required for registration.


Instruction how to use GPGPU in FedCloud is available at More detailed instruction will be provided.

A generic knowledge about working in EGI Federated cloud would be useful. Please find a short instruction to EGI Federated cloud at


User mailing list:

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