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The Austrian Grid Initiative.

The Austrian Grid is a nationwide initiative to establish Grid computing in Austria. It combines Austria's leading researchers in advanced computing technologies with well-recognized partners in grid-dependant application areas. The project was funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research from 2004 to 2010 and is currently restructuring into a National Grid Initiative (NGI), taking into account the national user community as well as the requirements arising out of international cooperation in the context of the European Grid Initiative (EGI).


  • development and usage of grid computing infrastructures for diverse application areas, and
  • installation and operation of a national grid infrastructure in Austria.
  • fundamental research in the area of grid computing middlewares
  • evaluation of grids through the development of state-of-the art grid applications

Organisational Structure

  • Austrian Grid Service centre, which is to offer a sustainable grid infrastructure beyond the official funding period
  • Austrian Grid Development centre, which aims at getting the industry on board, i.e. arranging grid research projects between industrial and research partners.
  • Austrian Grid Research centre, which conducts basic research in Grids, develops prototypes and supports researchers who use Grid technology for their projects

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