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Tool name ARGO
Tool Category and description Service Monitoring for Availability and Reliability
Tool url
GGUS Support unit ARGO/SAM EGI Support
GOC DB entry
Requirements tracking - EGI tracker
Issue tracking - Developers tracker
Release schedule
Release notes TBD
Roadmap TBD
Related OLA
Test instance url
License Apache 2
Source code

Change, Release and Deployment

This sections are providing detailed agreement in terms of requirements gathering, release and deployment of the tool which extend Instructions for Operations Tools teams


ARGO monitoring engine

ARGO monitoring engine consists of the following central instances:

POEM Profiles

Profiles for RC monitoring

Profile for Cloud RC monitoring

Profiles for Operations Tools monitoring


ARGO tests

The list of metrics with detailed information on the probes is available on Poem:

Tests on ARGO MON instances are the one which frameworks includes in the ARGO configuration.

List of tests:

Operations tests

Tests on Operations Portal are the ones used for raising alarms for ROD and Operations teams. Operations portal does not execute these tests, but receives alarms from NGI/ROC SAM instances. Operations Portal contains list of the probes used for alarms and others are filtered.

The procedure for adding a new probe can be found here PROC06.

The list of tests can be found here - Operations SAM tests.

Availability tests

Set of tests used for calculating availability and reliability of sites and services. The A/R calculation is related to the OLA. As in case of Operations Portal, availability calculation component receives results from NGI/ROC SAM instances.

TSA1.8 proposes a change in avail calculation (which probe results count in it) and the OMB approves.

The list of tests can be found here - Availability SAM tests.