APEL Server and Accounting Portal

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Currently the Accounting portal retrieves database tables directly from the APEL server. When the new APEL server is in place, the data will be sent to the portal via the SSM.

The portal will therefore also need to run the SSM code so that they can receive the messages containing the Summary and SpecIntHistory records. [SSM [1]] Messages are encrypted/decrypted by the SSM so it will no longer be necessary for the portal to run the apelProcessor decryption code once the SSM system is in place.

The portal may also wish to use the Record Loader code to insert the messages sent via the SSM into their database. [Record Loader [2]]

The message types sent will be:

  • SpecIntHistory Record messages (in place of SpecIntHistory table)
  • Summary Record messages (in place of UserCPU and SumCPU tables)

There are also some other tables which are currently downloaded from the APEL server, one set:

  • org_Tier1
  • org_Tier2
  • Tier2MOU_v4
  • org_OSG

may be created by the portal as they can now access the data directly.

The other table:

  • MetricVO_Cumulative

is under review, as it may no longer be required.