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APEL Batch Support/Membership

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Competence  Name Institution email
Torque/Maui Josep  Fliz PIC Josep  Flix <>
SLURM Gianni Riccardi ETH,
SLURM Miguel Gila ETH
Univa GE Manfred Alef KIT
Univa GE Melanie Ernst KIT
Univa GE Vanessa Hamar CC-IN2P3
HTCondor Andrew Lahiff STFC
LSF Jerome Belleman CERN
LSF Stefano dal Pra CNAF
DGAS Andrea Guarise INFN
SGAS/SLURM Magnus Jonnson Umea
APEL Stuart Pullinger STFC
APEL Adrian Coveney STFC
APEL John Gordon STFC