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Storage accounting in APEL is based on the StAR (Storage Accounting Record) developed by EMI in conjuction with the OGF Usage Record Work Group (UR-WG).

EMI delivered StAR solutions for dcache and DPM in EMI-3.

In both cases the storage service queries its database at a site and extracts data to populate StAR usage records. The site then uses SSM as a transport method to send the StAR records across the EGI Messaging Service to APEL. 

Deployment Instructions Follow the link for your product.


DPM - you need to run 1.8.7 or higher. For earlier releases it can be found here http://svnweb.cern.ch/world/wsvn/lcgdm/lcg-dm/trunk/scripts/StAR-accounting/star-accounting.py

On the command line which runs the script, add --site="your-GOCDB-sitename"


While storage accounting publishing is still in test mode please send the HostDN to apel-admins@stfc.ac.uk and ask them to authorise you for storage publishing.

configure apel-ssm

To configure apel-ssm for sending acounting records we have to edit the file /etc/apel/sender.cfg, and modify some parameters:

In the [broker] section, you need:

network: PROD and not:

network: TEST-NWOB as for initial testing. Also set:

use_ssl: false

Set the destination queue to /queue/global.accounting.test.storage.central as described here: ​https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/APEL/SSM2Configuration Set the host certificates to be used as sender:

[certificates] certificate: address of your host certificate key: and the key.

dcache and dpm should send one StAR record per VO. Please set up a cron to run once per day.

When storage accounting moves to the production message broker network then you will need to add a servicetype to GOCDB for the host which runs SSM. The servicetype is glite-APEL and it should include the HostDN.

Accounting Portal Prototype view