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* [[APEL/SSMOverview|SSM Overview]]
* [[APEL/SSMOverview|SSM Overview]]
* [[APEL/SSMInstallation|SSM installation instructions]]
* [[APEL/SSMInstallation|SSM installation instructions]]
* [[APEL/SSMProblems|Common SSM probems]]
* [[APEL/SSMProblems|Common SSM problems]]
== Record loader ==
== Record loader ==

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This page is under construction and is not yet complete.


APEL SSM Testing: If you are interested in testing the new STOMP interface or want to develop your own client.

APEL Server Design

The new APEL server is written in Python. Its design is described in APEL Server Design. It has four components:

  • SSM
  • Record loader
  • Record publisher
  • Authentication

APEL Message Format


The SSM is the messaging system used by APEL to transmit messages. It is written in Python and uses the STOMP protocol.

Record loader

This has the fairly simple job of taking the received messages and putting them in the database.

Record publisher

This takes the information from a database and produces messages.


This verifies that the senders of the messages via the SSM are known to APEL.