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NOTE: Before you can send your messages to the Accounting server, your sending host must be configured, with its X509 DN, in GOCDB as either a 'gLite-APEL' service for grid accounting data or an 'eu.egi.cloud.accounting' service for cloud accounting data. If you are testing a host which is not yet registered in GOCDB, you must send your host certificate DN to the apel-admins@stfc.ac.uk mailing list, e.g. output from running

openssl x509 -subject -noout -in hostcert.pem

Installing SSM2

To install the most recent release, please download and install from the Github repository here:



Installation and removal instructions are packaged with the SSM in the README file. If you would like to read it before you install the SSM, see GitHub: https://github.com/apel/ssm/blob/master/README.md

Please note: the default configuration does not specify a destination for the messages. See APEL/SSM2Configuration for how to change the configuration.

UMD3 Repos

SSM is available in the UMD3 repo - though the version available in the repo may lag behind the version available from Github (see above). To enable the repos, follow the instructions here:



  • yum install apel-ssm