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Republishing Accounting Data to APEL

Do I need to republish?

For grid accounting, APEL has 'Sync Tests' to confirm the central repository has the same number of jobs that you do locally.

To find your sites Sync Test, follow this link after replacing SITE-NAME with your GOCDB site name.


If you're Sync Tests are showing an ERROR for a given month, you will need to republish.

Because republishing sends a months’ worth (or more) of accounting data, it can affect the central repositories' QoS. We ask that you open a GGUS ticket to the APEL support unit checking it is okay to republish. We should also be able to tell you what CE's need republishing. For each CE that needs republishing, please see the appropriate subsection below.


CREAM-CEs use the APEL Client to extract accounting data and send it to the central repository. To republish, you will need to set 'interval = gap' in your client.cfg and to set the start and end of the range you want to republish by setting 'gap_start' and 'gap_end'.

Then run /usr/bin/apelclient to send the data.


To republish accounting data from ARC-CEs, you need to use the jura command line tool as below; where <archire dir> is the directory ARC keeps it accounting data, typically /var/spool/arc/urs.data.

jura -u APEL:https://mq.cro-ngi.hr:6162 -r <start time>-<end time> <archive dir>

For full details on the jura tool, see http://www.nordugrid.org/documents/jura-tech-doc.pdf

I have republished, but the Sync Tests are still failing

It may take 24 hours for the new data to propagate to the Sync Tests. If over 24 hours have passed and the Sync Tests still show an ERROR, there may be a configuration error that the APEL team can help you debug.