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This page is for people who would like to help testing the new APEL Secure Stomp Messenger (SSM) package.

Mailing list

Firstly, there is a mailing list set up for discussing installation and testing: To join the list:

  • email with no subject and message body subscribe apel-ssm-test firstname lastname

You will receive an email confirming your subscription and with instructions on how to do other things, such as view old emails.


There are detailed instructions for installing the latest version of the SSM here: APEL/SSMInstallation.


See APEL/RunningSSM.

Let us know using the mailing list if you are going to send us some messages, and we can tell you whether they arrive and whether they are valid.

If you would like to send us messages using the new APEL message format, we can let you know whether they are accepted by the database. The message format is described on this page: APEL/MessageFormat.

To monitor more closely what your SSM is doing, you can look at the ssm.log file (the default location is /var/log/apel/ssm.log). However, we know that this file can be a bit cryptic.