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Accounting Processor for Event Logs (APEL) is a component of the gLite middleware and part of the CPU Accounting system.

APEL parses batch system and Grid gatekeeper logs at each Grid site to generate CPU usage records and publishes them into a centralised repository at a GOC (Grid Operations Centre) using ActiveMQ or RGMA as the transport mechanism. The records are processed and summarised and can then be accessed through the Accounting Portal.

The APEL client configuration and set up is explained in the File:Apel-user-guide.pdf

The EGEE/WLCG Accounting service is comprised of data collection and reporting services, is a large centralised database which collects and aggregates CPU usage information from sites across the Grid through different types of sensors. It is described in https://edms.cern.ch/document/726137 .

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