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2016-bidding/Marketplace and Resource allocation

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  • Service name: Marketplace and Resource allocation


This activity will run the EGI systems and underpinning human processes necessary to enable discovery, selection and access to services of the EGI external catalogue ( This will comprise handling of service requests including pay-for-use services, authentication and authorization processes of long-tail of science, users brokering, compute/storage resource matchmaking and SLA/OLA negotiations.

Technical description

This activity will run the services and the processes that support the workflow from service discovery to access:

  • maintenance of an up to date external service catalogue in the marketplace,
  • handling of support and requests of service quotes,
  • user management for access to the long tail of science services, including but not limited to: validation of the user affiliation and user suspension when service quotas are exceeded, through the service
  • support to the creation of new VOs when necessary,
  • brokering and matchmaking of compute/storage resources to meet the service request
  • SLA/OLA negotiation
  • management of communications with the user during service activation


The activity will coordinate with:

  • EGI Technical outreach and user support for the VO SLA negotiation
  • EGI Operations for the support of the operational activities related to service provisioning and SLA monitoring
  • EGI Resource providers and other service providers for the integration of new resources and services in the Marketplace and long tail of science platform
  • Thematic platform providers and other EGI partners for the integration of their services in the Marketplace


The activity will take care of the daily operations and maintenance of the following tools:

  • marketplace, relying on the finding and outcomes of the EGI-Engage project

Tools may require sub-components: e.g. authentication modules, database back-end, therefore services require multiple hosts (a good approximation is 2 for each service).


Bux fixing, proactive maintenance, and deployment of software updates.


Support will be provided to the end users and to the service providers through dedicated GGUS support unit(s).

The activity will also maintain the policies and documentation needed for the Marketplace.

Service level targets

Response to incident records in GGUS within support hours: Medium (see


Bids planning a total effort of 12 Person Months/year would allow these services and activities to be addressed appropriately.