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  • Service name: CheckIn


The CheckIn service is the AAI Platform for the EGI infrastructure. The CheckIn service provides the following capabilities:

  • Integration of IdPs (from eduGAIN and individual institutions) with the EGI services through an IdP/SP proxy
  • Credential translation service:
    • SAML2 <--> SAML2
    • SAML2 <--> OIDC
    • SAML2/OIDC --> X.509 through the connection with the RC Auth online-ca
  • Attribute harmonization and policy enforcing

Technical description

The CheckIn service is a critical component of the EGI infrastructure, in many workflows it will be a single point of failure. It is therefore important that it is deployed and operated in a distributed and high available architecture. The bid should include availability and continuity plan(s) for the technical service(s).

The components and the features of CheckIn are the following (developed and integrated in the EGI-Engage project):

  • Idp/SP Proxy based on SimpleSAMLphp
    • Connectors for IdP supporting: SAML, ODIC, OAuth2, OpenID, X.509
    • Connectors for attribute authorities supporting: SAML 2.0 SAMLAttributeQuery, REST, LDAP
    • Connectors for SP supporting: SAML, OIDC, OAuth2
      • Secure GUI for the registration and management of OIDC clients
  • Centralised IdP Discovery Service
    • Support for SP specific IdP filtering
  • User enrollment service based on CoManage
    • Support for user consent for the release of the attributes
    • Acceptance of the terms of use of EGI
  • Rules engine
    • Rule based LoA mappings
    • Rule based SP specific entitlements
    • Account linking
  • Back-end database for the storage of user information and user profiles
    • Database cluster supporting streaming replication and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) for a period of six months (minimum)
  • Master portal for the integration with the RC Auth online CA
    • Master portal is the access point to online X.509 credentials for all EGI services


The following activities of coordination are necessary for the provisioning of the activity:

  • With the IdP/SP for the integration in CheckIn
  • With the EGI Operations for the policy and operational requirements
  • With the Research Infrastructure, VREs and other e-infrastructure where harmonization activities are required


  • Operations in high-availability of all the components described at the beginning of this section
  • Minimum monthly availability must be: 99%
  • Support request for changes through the GGUS support unit


Provide support to:

  • Identity providers who are integrated in CheckIn, only for issues concerning the CheckIn service
  • End users who use CheckIn to authenticate in EGI
  • Service providers about the interaction of the services with CheckIn proxy

Service level targets

The deployment of the services must ensure:

  • Minimum availability/reliability: 99%/99%
  • Response to incident records in GGUS within support hours: Medium (see Description page)