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  • Service name: Message brokers


The CheckIn service is the AAI Platform for the EGI infrastructure. The CheckIn service provides the following capabilities:

  • Integration of IdPs (from eduGAIN and individual institutions) with the EGI services through an IdP/SP proxy
  • Credential translation service:
    • SAML2/OIDC --> X.509 through the connection with the RC Auth online-ca
    • SAML2 <--> OIDC
  • Attribute harmonization and policy enforcing

Technical description




Service level targets

The deployment of the services must ensure:

  • Minimum availability/reliability: 99%/99%
  • Response to incident records in GGUS within support hours: Medium (see Description page)


Bids planning a effort between 2 and 3 Person Months/year would allow these services and activities to be addressed appropriately.