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Difference between revisions of "110125 DMSU Weekly Assigner Meeting"

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(14:00:23) htj: Hi everyone, time for weekly
(14:00:23) htj: Hi everyone, time for weekly

Revision as of 15:32, 19 December 2012

(14:00:23) htj: Hi everyone, time for weekly

(14:00:43) Rebecca Breu: hi!

(14:00:54) htj: Before we go to the tickets, a few messages

(14:00:59) apaolini: hi!

(14:01:25) htj: Jarno Laitinen has left badw-lrz for new challenges, so we are currently without a globus person to assign to

(14:02:04) htj: I'll try and see if I can find a replacement. Does anyone have some contacts for the german globus team?

(14:02:58) htj: In the near future DMSU will also be handling nagios issues. Tiziana, Michael and me are currently trying to get some people for this (we have tree named).

(14:03:13) htj: But I'll probably know more after the OMB meeting monday

(14:04:21) htj: In the near future I will also start nagging you to get people to make ETAs and note which versions fixes for issues will be in. EGI wants this, but it only makes sense for some tickets, and we probably want some better support in GGUS for this.

(14:04:39) htj: With that out of the way, lets move to the tickets:

(14:04:58) htj: first is 66367

(14:05:25) apaolini: it seems ggus has problems

(14:05:38) apaolini: the visualization of that page isn't good

(14:05:49) apaolini: however if you followed the discussion into that ticket

(14:06:04) apaolini: the reason of UNDEFINEDVO value was explained

(14:06:21) apaolini: in my opinion that ticket can be closed

(14:06:44) htj: ok, please close it then (when ggus is working for you at least - works for me)

(14:06:54) apaolini: now for me too

(14:06:56) apaolini: ok

(14:06:57) htj: next ticket: 66255

(14:07:40) apaolini: also this one can be closed

(14:07:46) htj: ok, great

(14:07:57) apaolini: I hoped ion some feedback buy the user...

(14:08:05) apaolini: by the user

(14:08:12) apaolini: I'll close it

(14:08:33) htj: yes, i see that, would be nice to get "thanks, it works now" instead of just silence moving on to: 66092

(14:09:05) htj: i see you've poked for an update, but nothing so far

(14:09:10) apaolini: I've asked today an update

(14:09:23) apaolini: :(

(14:09:41) htj: we'll see if he manages to make an update next week :-)

(14:09:52) htj: last ticket: 65839

(14:10:01) htj: i recall this one..

(14:10:37) htj: can somoone ask for an update on this issue?

(14:11:00) htj: otherwise i can do it

(14:11:28) apaolini: maybe CESNAT people were looking at that problem

(14:11:31) apaolini: CESNET

(14:12:09) htj: ok, i'll ask for an update for the ticket

(14:13:09) htj: no more tickets it seems AOB?

(14:14:22) htj: otherwise have a nice week, see you all next week

(14:14:45) apaolini: a nice week you too

(14:14:51) apaolini: by

(14:14:53) Rebecca Breu: bye!

(14:14:56) htj: bye

(14:15:03) jens: That was quick. Great! :-)

(14:15:14) htj: short meetings are the best meetings :-)

(14:15:19) apaolini: :)