101026 DMSU Weekly Assigner Meeting

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(14:09:16) Emmanouil Paisios: hello!

(14:09:22) Rebecca Breu: hi!

(14:09:30) apaolini: hi

(14:09:56) apaolini: let's wait other few minutes

(14:10:09) apaolini: in case Michael connect to this meeting

(14:14:33) apaolini: ok we can start the meeting

(14:15:22) apaolini: today there is a ticket assigned to DMSU

(14:15:39) apaolini: that is followed for the moment by CESGA supporters

(14:15:53) apaolini: it regards DPM

(14:16:02) apaolini: https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=63396

(14:16:43) Emmanouil Paisios ha abbandonato la stanza (Replaced by new connection).

(14:17:45) apaolini: I don't know if it is can be closed or reassigned to DPM support unit

(14:18:23) apaolini: anyway it depends from Zdenek Sustr answer

(14:18:50) apaolini: instead regarding the complain received yesterday at the operation metting

(14:18:52) Emmanouil Paisios [epaisios@jabber.egi.eu/macbookep] è entrato nella stanza.

(14:19:09) apaolini: regarding a "forgotten" ticket

(14:19:19) apaolini: https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=54678

(14:19:20) jens: Have we even seen ut?

(14:19:32) apaolini: about a problem in the bdii service

(14:20:02) apaolini: sorry, what do you mean with "ut"?

(14:20:37) jens: it.

(14:20:42) apaolini: ah :)

(14:20:45) jens: And we had.

(14:21:07) apaolini: in the last month

(14:21:17) apaolini: I've updated thsi ticket 2 times

(14:21:19) jens: Mmm.

(14:21:22) apaolini: asking for any news

(14:21:30) apaolini: and at the end, today

(14:21:48) apaolini: after a forther request

(14:21:54) jens: I can't see that we could have done very much more.

(14:21:57) apaolini: laurence field answered

(14:22:17) apaolini: yes, it is a developers matter

(14:22:47) jens: Once we have assigned it to another SU it passes from of our radar unfortunately.

(14:23:06) jens: It's not easy to track then.

(14:23:44) apaolini: we may keep track of tickets like this in a faq...

(14:23:45) jens: Some tickets you would like to assign to a SU, but stay as some kind of "observer".

(14:24:25) jens: Yes, but that stinks. :)

(14:24:28) apaolini: there is also the possibility to add us in "cc"

(14:24:45) jens: Better. Not good, unless you can search on it.

(14:25:46) jens: You can "Subscribe to this ticket" too.

(14:26:05) apaolini: even though with the cc option we may receive a tons of unuseful email

(14:27:35) Rebecca Breu: and we are interested mostly in the cases where nothing is going with the tickes. i.e. when there wouldn't be emails....

(14:27:42) apaolini: I don't know if there is any difference between the subscribe ioption and the "cc"

(14:27:50) jens: Yes. I'd prefer not to get the updates on the tickets. But be able to search for all tickets that has passed through DMSU to be able to monitor the progress.

(14:28:17) Rebecca Breu: exactly7

(14:28:48) jens: I guess an FAQ is the only easy solution in the short term. :-/

(14:29:38) apaolini: so we are able to see rapidly which ticket ar on hold, which aren't solved yet...

(14:30:28) apaolini: is Michael the "wiki" creator?

(14:30:51) Rebecca Breu: what do you mean by that?

(14:31:16) apaolini: a wiki in which insert tickets arrived to us

(14:31:23) apaolini: and then assigned to another SU

(14:31:48) apaolini: so peroiodacally we can chcheck their status without searching on ggus

(14:32:15) Rebecca Breu: i mean what do you mean by " is Michael the "wiki" creator?" because everyone of us can create wiki pages with the SSO account

(14:32:28) apaolini: ah :)

(14:32:35) apaolini: true

(14:33:14) apaolini: then I may try to create such a page

(14:33:22) apaolini: and start to insert some ticket

(14:34:35) jens: We should think about what we need for GGUS. It's not impossible to make changes to it. But it needs some thinking since it's by no means trivial.

(14:35:42) apaolini: in the next months other SUs of 2nd and 3rd level will be created

(14:36:12) jens: Yes. The problem isn't unique to DMSU.

(14:36:22) apaolini: so there will be less confuzsdion about the tickets assignation

(14:37:28) apaolini: we are still in the "guinea pig" phase

(14:38:40) apaolini: if there aren't other issues to discuss

(14:38:49) apaolini: we can aend the meeting today

(14:40:01) jens: Great. Have a nice week! :-)

(14:40:10) Emmanouil Paisios: bye!

(14:40:12) apaolini: ok, a nice week you too

(14:40:16) Rebecca Breu: bye!

(14:40:18) apaolini: bye