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101005 DMSU Weekly Assigner Meeting

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Michael Grønager: 14.00

Michael Grønager: and time for the weekly

Michael Grønager: Pls note that we have gotten a new, and sweeter, spot in GGUS

Michael Grønager: Further, we have just one open ticket

apaolini: hi

epaisios: hello all

Michael Grønager: well, now we have two...

Michael Grønager: (strange only one showed up before)

Michael Grønager: 62499

Michael Grønager: the latest comment is : false alarm - globus-UI is still part of glite

Michael Grønager: so, we could choose to close it, but still I think the question is valid

Michael Grønager: who is the authoritative globus-UI maintainer for UMD?

Michael Grønager: and/or can we expect many flavours (that will happily live together)

Michael Grønager: I'll add a comment to the ticket

Michael Grønager: besides from that - do you have any feedback from going over the current open ticekts in other SUs ?

apaolini: regarding my components

apaolini: I've seen tickets that need time to fix the problems

apaolini: (they are in on hold status)

apaolini: so I couldn't do anything

Michael Grønager: what does on-hole mean ?

apaolini: a ticket is put on hold status

apaolini: when there a savannah bug related to it is opened

apaolini: and remain in that status

apaolini: until the fix is released in production

apaolini: and the bug is closed

Michael Grønager: ahh - ok - so that it has been tied to something else - but still it would be good to have a TTF

Michael Grønager: does it mean that one cannot add diary entries while on hold

apaolini: you can always update the ticket

apaolini: infact I've asked for some news

Michael Grønager: OK - fine...

apaolini: but the response has been: "wait for fix" :(

Michael Grønager: hmm - I guess we need to bring this up with Michel

Michael Grønager: I will add it to the weekly notes for him

Michael Grønager: Anyone else with some feedback from the TTF request effort ?

kleist has left this chat. 14:15

Michael Grønager: OK - if there is no AOB I will close the meeting

apaolini: bye

epaisios: bye!

rbreu: bye!

jens: Let's hope for more tickets next week. :)



Michael Grønager: agree - and bye