100928 DMSU Weekly Assigner Meeting

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(14:00:03) rbreu: last week's protokol isn't on the wiki yet, or is it?

(14:00:54) Michael Grønager: Hi Rebecca

(14:00:57) Michael Grønager: Nope its not

(14:01:05) Michael Grønager: I probably forgot to upload it

(14:01:29) Michael Grønager: but I should be able to find it in my trasscripts and upload it after this meeting

(14:01:39) rbreu: hi! btw, there's a DMSU category, it would be really helpful if you'd use it for the transcripts :)

(14:02:20) Michael Grønager: OK - I'll try to see if my it-skills enables me to reach such advanced settings ;-)

(14:02:34) Michael Grønager: anyway

(14:02:40) Michael Grønager: meeting opened

(14:02:58) Michael Grønager: I have a few updates

(14:03:03) Michael Grønager: first on GGUS...

(14:03:24) Michael Grønager: we agreed at EGI-TF to do a restructuring of the GGUS SU list

(14:03:31) Michael Grønager: by October 1st

(14:03:57) Michael Grønager: the changes imposed included also an idea to disable "normal

(14:03:59) Michael Grønager: "

(14:04:11) Michael Grønager: users from seeing the 3rd level support

(14:04:28) Michael Grønager: and after discussion with Torsten and Mathilde

(14:04:45) Michael Grønager: we decided to go for that right away, eventhough it meant a delay until Nov 1st

(14:05:08) Michael Grønager: as for October, we will have to live with only one SU for DMSU

(14:05:28) Michael Grønager: however, it will get a more prominent position in the GGUS dropdown menu

(14:05:39) Michael Grønager: Second thing...

(14:06:17) Michael Grønager: Going through the already open tickets...

(14:06:31) Ales Krenek: as for the single unit for DMSU -- can we start using the field "Assigned to person"?

(14:06:46) Michael Grønager: I think we are ready to start on this, and get TTF for each of these

(14:06:47) Ales Krenek: it makes some indication of responsibility

(14:07:00) Michael Grønager: Ales: yes, lets do that

(14:08:17) Michael Grønager: Are you all aware of the GGUS SUs you need to consult to harvest tickets ?

(14:08:36) Michael Grønager: I got answers from most (all) of you regarding this last week

(14:08:43) Michael Grønager: so we should be able to just start

(14:09:37) Michael Grønager: I expect that to be an october timeframe task - i.e. by November 1st all tickets have a expected ttf attached to them

(14:10:10) Ales Krenek: I've already strated ;-) -- just want to consult the overlap with INFN

(14:10:45) Michael Grønager: ales: great - however, I think that Alessandro is on vacation this week...

(14:11:52) Michael Grønager: OK then to the open tickets...

(14:11:53) Ales Krenek: OK, I'll send him an explicit request via email

(14:12:00) Michael Grønager: ales: super

(14:12:29) Michael Grønager: we have 2 new: 62435 and 387

(14:13:24) Michael Grønager: APEL is INFN, right ?

(14:13:36) Ales Krenek: CESNET, AFAIK

(14:13:41) Michael Grønager: OK :-)

(14:13:52) Michael Grønager: It seems quite straight forward...

(14:15:28) Michael Grønager: It seems however, to be a clear APEL ticket, that should go to the APEL team, with a TTF request

(14:16:29) epaisios: Sorry I'm late

(14:16:43) Ales Krenek: Eventually, it can be broken up into several requests -- yaim etc.

(14:16:49) Michael Grønager: better late than never - I thought you were on vacation...

(14:17:34) Ales Krenek: Btw, is there a TTF field in GGUS? So that we can search for due tickets ...

(14:17:35) Michael Grønager: Ales, yes, get your point - I trust it to be in safe hands ;-)

(14:18:08) Michael Grønager: I thought of using the Please send reminder on <date> field

(14:18:15) Michael Grønager: and note the ttf in the text

(14:20:06) Michael Grønager: moving to 62435

(14:20:12) Michael Grønager: globus-job-run

(14:20:44) Michael Grønager: I think this is in principle a globus ticket...

(14:21:01) Ales Krenek: I don't think so -- its glite packaging

(14:21:05) Michael Grønager: however, it is labelled as glite, and it depends what policy we prefer when it comes to globus

(14:21:38) Michael Grønager: if emi aims for harmonizing, it would be good to have one unified source for globus-job-run

(14:21:41) epaisios: they mention that it concern glite 3.2 ui

(14:21:53) Ales Krenek: IMHO it is a result of the glite cleanup

(14:22:02) Michael Grønager: as globus-job-run is globus-UI and not glite

(14:22:29) Ales Krenek: there used to be a big globus client package installed at glite-UI, while the current version install only minimal libraries & commands.

(14:22:44) Michael Grønager: (agree with you both), however, I would prefer to keep it out of 3.2, but to be able to direct to user towards another package for globus-job-run usage

(14:23:00) Michael Grønager: Ales, and I guess that is good, isn

(14:23:01) Michael Grønager: t it

(14:23:04) Michael Grønager: ?

(14:23:14) Ales Krenek: yes, but it's just the tip of the iceberg

(14:23:24) Michael Grønager: agree...

(14:23:24) Ales Krenek: there is a lot of globus inside glite UI

(14:23:44) Ales Krenek: one cannot take just globus-run from another distribution without a big risk of libraries clash

(14:24:15) Michael Grønager: agree - and this is where the harmonization part of EMI will stand its first challenge

(14:24:28) Ales Krenek: yes, but it will take a while ...

(14:24:34) Michael Grønager: yes ;-)

(14:24:59) Ales Krenek: we should suggest the ticket requestor to install an additional globus package,

(14:25:00) Michael Grønager: first step could be to support packagingwise to have multiple installations without a clash

(14:25:10) Michael Grønager: yes

(14:25:21) Ales Krenek: coming from a matching distribution

(14:25:54) Ales Krenek: what you say is the "gathered experience" input DMSU should provide to the mw providers

(14:26:00) Michael Grønager: and then create a ticket for EMI requesting their policy on this... - I guess the ticket should also be copied to IGE

(14:26:31) Michael Grønager: yes

(14:26:34) epaisios: that would be good

(14:27:18) Michael Grønager: OK - I can create those tickets, and assign them to EMI and IGE(and if not IGE exists I will assign it to ggus with a request of a IGE unit)

(14:27:40) Michael Grønager: would it be best to just duplicate the ticket twice ?

(14:28:05) epaisios: could we use involve others?

(14:28:44) Ales Krenek: As for the original ticket -- I'll talk to the glite-UI maintainers to check which is the right vdt package to install.

(14:28:50) Michael Grønager: we could, but the solution to the user would be, as ales suggested to install another package

(14:28:57) Michael Grønager: ales, yes

(14:29:26) Michael Grønager: so the policy for globus is just something we see as a general problem that we need an answer to

(14:31:20) Michael Grønager: OK - no more new tickets

(14:31:38) Michael Grønager: and I don't have more to add - I will upload the transcripts to the wiki

(14:31:41) Michael Grønager: AOB?

(14:34:28) Ales Krenek: Do you plan someting during the SA2 meeting Michel is organizing at OGF?

(14:35:56) Michael Grønager: I havn't considered it yet

(14:36:21) Michael Grønager: but I would like to mention something about DMSU at the meeting - and e.g. present our TTF cleaning effort

(14:36:39) Michael Grønager: and mention some of the problems like the globus policy one

(14:36:46) Ales Krenek: I'm not sure what is the exact purpose and agenda of the meeting, I just know it's there

(14:37:09) Michael Grønager: The main purpose is a follow up on the software release procedure

(14:37:25) Michael Grønager: involving all the other taskleaders in SA2 but the DMSU one

(14:37:43) Michael Grønager: but some other ideas might hit us anyway...