100907 DMSU Weekly Assigner Meeting

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(14:01:10) Michael Grønager: Hi all

(14:01:15) Michael Grønager: its 14.01

(14:01:40) Michael Grønager: and I am technically attending another meeting

(14:01:44) Ales Krenek: Hi, just arrived.

(14:01:57) Michael Grønager: I propose that we meet in person next week

(14:02:34) Michael Grønager: and catch up on the latest discussions from the GridOps meeting yesterday

(14:02:40) jens: Hi.

(14:02:59) Michael Grønager: Or do we have any new/urgent tickets ?

(14:03:23) Ales Krenek: have you got some idea what day and time next week?

(14:03:39) Michael Grønager: What about dinner Tuesday ?

(14:04:18) Michael Grønager: I can send out a mail on this...

(14:04:21) Ales Krenek: do you mean "Welcome reception"

(14:04:22) Ales Krenek: ?

(14:04:57) Michael Grønager: Ahh, tuesday have the welcome reception - hmm clash - so then we could do lunch tuesday

(14:05:37) Ales Krenek: well, I don't expect the reception to be something over-formal.

(14:05:41) rbreu: i'm not quite sure when precisely i'll arrive tuesday. can't look it up right now, i'm not in my office

(14:05:59) Michael Grønager: OK - then lets stick with the reception

(14:06:15) Michael Grønager: I guess that also makes it more likely for Rebecca to have arrived

(14:06:30) rbreu: yes

(14:06:57) rbreu: i can be more precise tomorrow

(14:07:10) Michael Grønager: OK - I will send out a time and a place (easily recognizable during the reception)

(14:08:47) Michael Grønager: ok - concluding for today - see you next week!

(14:10:25) epaisios: Sorry to ask this, but I was on vacation and didn't go through all my e-mails yet... is this a DMSU meeting?

(14:10:46) Michael Grønager: yes, it was - but ended quite fast :-)

(14:11:06) epaisios: nono :)

(14:11:24) epaisios: i meant about the welcome reception etc.

(14:11:38) Michael Grønager: ?

(14:12:55) epaisios: you mentioned arranging lunch tuesday...

(14:13:19) Michael Grønager: nope - reception - to meet during the reception

(14:14:29) epaisios: Sorry, I missunderstood

(14:14:46) Michael Grønager: OK  ;-)

(14:16:04) epaisios: when you said to meet in person next week I thought there was some meeting that was arranged for next week

(14:16:13) epaisios: (apart from the chat)

(14:16:15) Michael Grønager: ahh

(14:16:48) Michael Grønager: well we cold do that as well, but I am afraid it would collide with some of the sessions

(14:22:01) epaisios: thanks for clearing this :) see you next week

(14:22:11) Michael Grønager: See you!

(14:23:22) epaisios has left this chat.

(15:17:33) Rejoining chat room…

(15:41:41) Rejoining chat room…

(15:29:05) apaolini: sorry, I couldn't join in time