100831 DMSU Weekly Assigner Meeting

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... some text absorbed by something...

(14:18:32) apaolini: in general

(14:18:42) apaolini: whe a person is registered in GGUS as supporters

(14:19:23) apaolini: there isn't a particular link with a support unit

(14:19:37) apaolini: but evry support unit

(14:19:42) apaolini: has a mailing list

(14:20:05) Michael Grønager: ahh, yes, now I recall form the setting up of the DMSU

(14:20:23) apaolini: so people responsible of a certain SU

(14:20:25) Michael Grønager: so, it might mean that we need to creant (and maintain) more lists...

(14:20:32) apaolini: have to be contained in the mailing list of that SU

(14:21:11) apaolini: or may we use the same so that each of us knows the problems of the sevral components?

(14:21:37) Michael Grønager: well, yes, that could be an option...

(14:22:32) jens: Ah, so the notifications are not sent to individuals but rather a mailinglist. I guess GGUS has no knowledge of who is in what SU then and only knows of support units, sites, and supporters? Make sense.

(14:23:27) apaolini: for example, here you can see the mailing lists

(14:23:28) apaolini: https://gus.fzk.de/pages/resp_unit_info.php

(14:23:47) apaolini: in this way a supporter can modify all the tickets

(14:24:13) jens: Excellent. Then I have learned something today as well. Thanks. :-

(14:25:29) Michael Grønager: OK, I guess that was the concluding line of the meeting :-)

(14:25:35) Michael Grønager: talk to you next week

(14:25:38) Michael Grønager: bye