100824 DMSU Weekly Assigner Meeting

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Michael Grønager: and time for weekly

Michael Grønager:I didn't do any agenda for today

Michael Grønager: however, I have a few issues

Michael Grønager: 1st we I have a phonecon with SA1 and GGUS this friday

Michael Grønager: to get DMSU better exposed and to ensure a better GGUS representation in terms of spport units pr component

Ales Krenek: I'm sorry for complicating the meeting schedule. I'll try to join but I can't promise

Michael Grønager:Great, I know, scheduling meeting can be hard

Michael Grønager: (luckily - otherwise we wouldnt have anything to do)

Michael Grønager: and as for the second issue

Michael Grønager: we have one open ticket

Michael Grønager: 61088

Michael Grønager: ales, any update on that ?

Ales Krenek: sorry, my browser died, restarting it ...

Michael Grønager: ok

Ales Krenek: I provided a workaround and submitted a bug to EMI. It caused a little flamewar on the support strategy there.

Michael Grønager: :-)

Michael Grønager: great

Michael Grønager: I heard the discussion at the meeting yesterday and the EMI considerations today

Michael Grønager: I will be back with an update after the phonecon friday

Ales Krenek: Definitely a fix along the glite 3.1 will be released, we are just discussing whether it should be conservative fix, or a bigger LB update which was prepared about 6 months ago but frozen then.

Michael Grønager: OK

Ales Krenek: Anyway, I gave hints to work the problem around in the ticket.

Michael Grønager: super

Ales Krenek: I'm never sure in such a case, shall we keep it open or close it?

Michael Grønager: Good question - well, a solution has been provided, so essentially it can be closed

Michael Grønager: but, if we await the release of the actual fix I gues we should keep it open

Michael Grønager: or at least transfer the assignment to the fixers...

Ales Krenek: the workaround is not a solution, it's rather nasty. I myself would prefer to keep the ticket open but it will take some time

Michael Grønager: should we reassign it to EMI then ?

Michael Grønager: until the fix has been provided ?

Ales Krenek: good question. there is a matching savannah bug

Michael Grønager: But, as far as I recall one of the EGI-EMI meetings, we agreed that the interface to EMI was GGUS

Michael Grønager: (if they wanted to use savanna them selves - fine with us)

Michael Grønager: do we have a GGUS SU we can reassign to ?

Ales Krenek: I think so, it's 'EMI'

Michael Grønager: Ahh yes - just found it

Ales Krenek: then, as we identified the problem to be caused by software/packaging bug, it makes sense to assign it to EMI.

Michael Grønager: then I think that is the procedure - assign it to EMI and note that they have a savanna entry to match it

Michael Grønager: and they should close both when done

Ales Krenek: The link to savannah is already there

Michael Grønager: Yes

Michael Grønager: great

Michael Grønager: AOB ?

Ales Krenek: #58426

Michael Grønager: reading..

Ales Krenek: I asked my proxy-renewal friends to have a look, they reported back but didn't provide feedback to the ticket. I'll push to do so, however, the problem is with WMS installation probably.

Michael Grønager: I agree...

Ales Krenek: What the cheatsheet says?

Ales Krenek: Shall we bounce the ticket to DMSU/IT?

Michael Grønager: Yes, that would be the correct thing to do

Michael Grønager: and then take it from there

Michael Grønager: and btw - good you grabbed the ticket!

Ales Krenek: Do we have a way to do so in GGUS, or just add a comment "dear Italian friends, have a look, please"

jens: Is there a DMSU/IT support unit?

Michael Grønager: As for now - that will be the way - yes :-)

Ales Krenek: and keep the ticket assigned to DMSU?

Michael Grønager: yes, and add e.g. alessandro on cc...

jens: We are so starved of tickets that we forcefully grab them from other units. :-)

Michael Grønager: Jens: Yup - we hope to change that friday... - or at least after the EGI TF

Ales Krenek: apparently, we are payed for doing so

Michael Grønager: agree

Michael Grønager: OK, I guess that concludes the meeting for today - I will return on mail friday with the outcome of the phonecon - so long until then!

jens: have a nice afternoon

Ales Krenek: OK, bye