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*apaolini: bye!
*apaolini: bye!
*epaisios: bye
*epaisios: bye
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  • Michael Grønager: 1400 and time for the weekly
  • Michael Grønager: I am trying to check in GGUS if we have open tickets
  • Michael Grønager: hmm - anyone who managed to get GGUS to show the open tickets for DMSU ?
  • jens: https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_search.php?supportunit=Deployed Middleware&status=open&radiotf=1&timeframe=any
  • Michael Grønager: Jens: Thanks!
  • Michael Grønager: And, as it shows the list is empty
  • Michael Grønager: JEns, you closed one ticket this week, right ?
  • jens: Yeap.
  • Michael Grønager: super
  • Michael Grønager: and Alessandro, will TPM start to send ticket at us this week ?
  • jens: I'm still very confused of what and how we should do things. I guess we learn as we go.
  • apaolini: HI Michael
  • Michael Grønager: hi
  • apaolini: I've asked them to assign ticket to DMSU
  • Michael Grønager jens: agree
  • apaolini: but nothing of relevant is arrivied
  • Michael Grønager apaolini: ok, very good
  • Michael Grønager this means we are running
  • apaolini: but I've asked just to Italian TPM
  • rbreu: i don't seem to have access to ggus yet....
  • rbreu: there something i need to do?
  • Michael Grønager: OK, but that is for this week, right
  • apaolini: I've thought you would asked to the others
  • apaolini: :)
  • Michael Grønager: apaolini, I will then
  • jens: Rebecca Breu: Have you applied for a GGUS account?
  • apaolini: Hi Rebecca
  • Michael Grønager: the others being germany, right
  • apaolini: you have to register to GGUS
  • rbreu: jens: no, what do i have to do?
  • rbreu: ok
  • rbreu: will try
  • jens: https://gus.fzk.de/admin/register.php
  • rbreu: thanks!
  • apaolini: specifying that you are a dms supporter
  • apaolini: dmsu
  • Michael Grønager: OK, as there are no open tickets I have nothing further to add
  • Michael Grønager: aob, anyone ?
  • apaolini: yes :-)
  • apaolini: just to say that I'm going to holidays from next thursday
  • apaolini: untill the end of June
  • Michael Grønager: OK
  • apaolini: I wil not able to read emea
  • apaolini: emails
  • Michael Grønager: will there be a deputy from INFN in that time
  • apaolini: yes, I will ask to a my colleague
  • Michael Grønager: OK, super
  • Michael Grønager: OK, then I think we can close the meeting
  • Michael Grønager: thanks for now and bye
  • apaolini: bye!
  • epaisios: bye