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*rebecca breu: bye!
*rebecca breu: bye!
*Michael Grønager: bye
*Michael Grønager: bye
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  • Michael Grønager: 14.00 and time for the weekly assigners meeting!
  • Michael Grønager: Welcome everyone and good to see that you were all able to join in
  • Michael Grønager: Ales might be back in a short while, but he had an appointment now
  • Michael Grønager: For discussion today:
  • Michael Grønager: * quick status
  • Michael Grønager: * how to actually get started
  • Michael Grønager: starting with the status
  • Michael Grønager: the wiki has been sat up
  • Michael Grønager: I will add a section for meeting minutes/transscripts and agendas
  • Michael Grønager: please update the wiki with info from you partner
  • Michael Grønager: I will start to draft the MS502 : Document describing the operation of the support unit, its integration into the EGI Helpdesk and its interactions with the external software providers.
  • Michael Grønager: today and tomorrow
  • Michael Grønager: I will distribute the TOC today
  • Michael Grønager: Also I will contact TPM and 3rd level to get us started with the actual ticket processing, but that might not be before next week
  • Michael Grønager: Status on tickets
  • Michael Grønager: * so far none...
  • Michael Grønager: How to actually get us started will be driven by TPM...
  • Michael Grønager: I guess that is essentially it
  • Michael Grønager: AOB / comments anyone ?
  • rebecca breu: just one questions: why do distinguish between assigners/resolvers?
  • Michael Grønager: The assigners take part in this meeting - and count 5 persons - all resolvers count 24 people and it would make it extremely hard to manage
  • apaolini: this and next week we (ITaly) are in TPM shift, so our supporters can start to assign tickets to DMSU....
  • Michael Grønager: Alessandro: this sounds like an excellent plan - pls ask them to do so
  • rebecca breu: gronager: that's all? jsut who takes part in this meeting?
  • jens: Rebecca Breu: And I guess the resolvers may be developers and such. Not people that regularly checks tickets.
  • Michael Grønager: jens: exactly, that would eat up too much of their time (some of them have only allocated 1PM/4years)
  • jens: Like 3:d level support. They get filtered cases that we cannot resolve. Things that are not simple config issues.
  • Michael Grønager: for this meeting it is only the assigners
  • Michael Grønager: and we follow up on open issues, and issues that need to be resolved within the DMSU and cannot easily be delegated to 3rd level
  • jens: I we are supposed to solve most of the tickets ourself?
  • rebecca breu: I"m just asking because you wrote down in the wiki who of FZJ is assigner and who is resolver, and I'm not sure the assignment is correct.
  • Michael Grønager: jens: I don't think so
  • Michael Grønager: rebecca: ahh ok - then pls just change it yourself to what eve is the correct
  • rebecca breu: gronager: but for that i have to figure out what's correct....
  • Michael Grønager: OK :-)
  • emmanouil paisios: I'd like to ask something regarding the Systems in wiki. Should there be only production resources there?
  • Michael Grønager: emmanouil: What did you have in mind alternatively ?
  • emmanouil paisios: There could be some systems that might not be into production but still aid in resolving tickets.
  • Michael Grønager: The logic is that the software should have been tested on smaller/test systems already, and hence the bugs found/resolved (by DMSU) are expected to appear in "real systems" only, but other systems might be useful as well
  • Michael Grønager: so, yes, I agree
  • apaolini: so that we can insert our production machines
  • apaolini: ?
  • Michael Grønager: alessandro: yes
  • apaolini: ok thanks
  • Michael Grønager: AOB (closing in 3)
  • Michael Grønager: AOB (closing in 2)
  • Michael Grønager: AOB (closing in 1) and have a nice week - I will add the transscript to the wiki!
  • apaolini: you too :)
  • emmanouil paisios: goodbye :)
  • rebecca breu: bye!
  • Michael Grønager: bye