100603 DMSU Kickoff Meeting, Amsterdam

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Today we had the kickoff meeting of the DMSU.

Please check the ACTION summary in the end - it might contain your name or initials...

Present was:

  • Rebecca Brea (RB), FZJ
  • Alessandro Paolini (AP), INFN
  • Jens Larsson (JL), NSC/NDGF
  • Ales Krenek (AK), CESNET
  • Steven Newhouse (SN), EGI
  • Michael Gronager (MG), NDGF

Slides from the meeting can be found here: [1]

The meeting outcome was:

Staff and people

The staff assigned to the DMSU are divided into:

  • Assigners (Rebecca, Alessandro, Jens, Ales, and a Globus contact from LRZ)
  • Resolvers (rest of the DMSU staff)

The assigners keep track and responsibility of the issues assigned to staff from their partner.

Interaction with 1st level and 3rd level

  • The TPM, EGI first level support, will assign all tickets related to middleware issues to the DMSU.
  • The tickets will however, also be assigned to the relevant 3rd level support unit following the model for ROCs and Sites in EGEE; The DMSU act as overseeing ROC for its Middleware Contributes acting as sites in this analogy.
  • The DMSU will define flavors based on partner expertise, MG will setup a wiki for that helping to guide the TPM to assign the ticket to the right DMSU partner.


  • Issues are assigned to DMSU Resolvers or 3rd level triggered by GGUS tickets on a daily basis
  • MG and the Assigners conduct weekly jabber meetings, Tuesday at 14.00, AK will setup a jabber room for this.
  • At the jabber meeting we will:
    • Check the status of issues assigned to the DMSU
    • Check the status of issues assigned to 3rd level, if they approaching their ETA
  • Configuration recommendations patches will be provided for the EGI wiki - this should be coordinated with rest of SA2 (MG will take action)

Interaction with TCB

  • The DMSU will also act as "technology rumor review unit" for the TCB
  • DMSU will provide the TCB with trends and status of the different components as well as recommendations for changes and components that need more focus.
  • The exact interaction form between TCB and DMSU is to be defined (SN)

Interaction with Early Adopter Sites

  • The DMSU partners are encouraged to obtain access to EA sites
    • it is expected that most configuration tweaks and issues will arise at these sites and hence it will be optimal to have the DMSU enabled to access these sites.
  • A wiki listing the setups available within the DMSU will be setup (MG)

Summary of ACTIONS:

  • MG: Setup wiki for TPM to assign tickets based on DMSU partner flavor expertise
  • AK: Setup jabber chat room for the DMSU
  • MG: Discuss with rest of SA2 where to collect resolved issue documentation
  • SN: define interaction between DMSU and TCB
  • MG: Setup wiki for listing EA setups available within the DMSU
  • MG: Write the MS502 deliverable: "DMSU Operations Procedures"