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EGI DG VT minutes 24/04/214 13.00 CET

[1] Discussion on the 1-page promo materials:
Robert Lovas, Gergely Sipos

- only few feedback arrived yet
- please, send feedback until end of April
- Robert: we would like to get feedback from John Kewley, Tamas Kiss, too
- Tamas: the current version is fine for me
- John: condor can be considered as Local Desktop Grid
- Gergely: before finalising the 1page promo materials we have to update the IDGF website
- extension of the DG VT is necessary
- 1page promo should be distributed on EGI CF
- Robert: EGI DG VT should finish end of June
- Gergely: request the extension, update the DGVT output table
- Robert we will do it next week
- Kacsuk: encourages John to create a new working group for Condor
- John: he is not in charge of condor, only observing condor, focusing on BOINC
- Tamas: he started to organise a UK chapter under IDGF for LDGs, but not many feedbacks until now

[2] DG session on EGI CF
Robert Lovas
Discussion on the programme

- Robert introduced the proposed programme
- No ack from yet
- Jozsef: What about abstracts for the individual presentations? Robert will discuss this with Ad
- How to promote the session?: 
  - finalise the leaflet and website and circulate it
- Gergely: what is the timeline for the leaflet?
- Robert: hard deadline: 9th of May
- Robert: the 1page promo material should be finalised by 6th of May
- Gergely: 1page promo material will achieve bigger impact if the infrastructure integration is finished
- Jozsef: no chance to finish the integration by 9th of May
- Gergely/Tamas: Jozsef should disseminate "the aims of the IDGF OC" in other sessions
- Robert: Jozsef should contact Malgorzata to get time slot to talk about IDGF OC

[3] IDGF booth on EGI CF
Robert Lovas
Status of preparation for the booth
Discussion on how to improve our appearence

- Robert introduced the plans for the booth

[4] IDGF Website
Gergely Sipos / Robert Lovas
Representing the 6 Scenarios on the website

- Robert: we create an "EGI working group" where we can put EGI-related news/information/scenarios/etc.
- Gergely: good for EGI, but 5 scenarios are general, so not only for EGI users
- Robert: Non-EGI related scenarios will be targeted on a different website:
- Gergely will not going to distribute the leaflet unless the online support materials are available

Jozsef Kovacs
Latest news

- Official ticket has been submitted to EGI
- OC management email list has been created
- Created, registered in GOCDB.
- Basic roles has been assigned
Jozsef Kovacs NGI Operations Deputy Manager
Jozsef Kovacs NGI Security Officer
Robert Lovas  NGI Operations Manager
Csaba Hajdu   Regional Staff (ROD)
- IDGF has been entered in the EGI Operations dashboard.
- Sites are currently being planned:
  + our proposed strategy is to have a site for each DesktopGrid server
  + site will be named after the BOINC project it covers
  + first sites: "SZDG", "EDGESatHOME"
- NAGIOS monitoring tool will be operated by the WIGNER research institute
  (the sames as the one operating Nagios for the Hungarian NGI)
- Ongoing discussion with EGI operations, Malgorzata on creating sites
==> NOTE: the IDGF OC cannot start operating until 
    an MOU is signed between the IDGF-SP project and EGI.
    The MoU is planned to be signed at the next EGI Community Forum
    Meanwhile, we can add sites but only with "local" scope.
- the page should be regularly updated with the
  progress of the infrastructure 
- should contain the minutes of the meeting

SUMMARY by Gergely:
- Further feedback about the leaflet can be sent by the 30th of April to Robert. SZTAKI to update the
document based on the feedbacks, integrated version to be produced by the 6th of May. Fine tuning
until the 12th of May, including adding the content into the final layout (probably the IDGF official
letterhead). Gergely can send out the leaflet probably to all of the email lists that are mentioned
in the same document as contact channels for the target groups. Other ways of disctribution also
needs to be thought of, such as webinars, presentations at NIL, OMB, UCB or other regular
teleconferences organised by

- The IDGF Operation Center will not be completed by the EGI CF. Technical integration is not
finished yet, and after it's finished an MoU needs to be signed between IDGF and EGI. The
distribution of the promotion material should wait until the integration of the IDGF OC is completed
and the MoU is signed, because this will bring much more attractive opportunities for the NGIs to use

- A new, EGI-specific section of the IDGF website will be prepared (Robert) - planned by the 12th of
May. This will be linked from the leaflet, and will provide all the instructions that one needs from
EGI to implement any of the 6 use cases that we forsee relevant for those who will receive the
promotion material.

- Jozsef to identify an Operational session in the EGI CF programme and request a presentation
opportunity about the IDGF OC from the session convener.

- Jozsef to populate the existing wiki page about the DG-EGI operational integration with up-to-date
information. Link this page to the VT wiki page.